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The Talk About Birthstone Jewelry

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For many years the birthstone jewelry is in tradition. Birthstone jewelry is used for gifts on birthdays, anniversaries, and occasions. There are also many beliefs about birthstone that’s connected with religion and, some experts also said that birthstone has the healing power and more. Let’s enjoy this jewelry piece with the new collection.  

Many people love to use birthstone jewelry so, this guide will help you to choose your birthstone. You can use gemstones differently like gemstones with bracelets, Gold Plated Pendants, and rings. 

1) January Birthstone – Garnet

People born in January use garnet as the birthstone, it is a strong stone for the beginning of the new year. Although garnets come in many colors, the most common tone is red. Garnet symbolizes true friendship and trust and is a perfect gift for friends. Gemstone jewelry can be engraved with various metals like silver, Gold Plated Jewelry, yellow gold, bronze, and more. 

2) February Birthstone – Amethyst

Amethyst stone attracts attention for its bright purple color, although there are many lighter shades available. People with February birthdays and amethyst stones are said to be honest and courageous in dealing with people and the world. This stone has protective power and can win difficulties. 

3) March Birthstone – Aquamarine

As the name suggests, the color of aquamarine comes from the sea and presents shades of sea blue. As for people who own aquamarine birthstones, they love to prioritize family time and have a cold nature. The cool blue jewelry is perfect for summer outfits. Aquamarine Gold Plated Pendant is the perfect jewelry piece to glam your look. 

4) April Birthstone – Diamond

What to say about diamonds!! Everyone is aware of the diamond birthstone. Diamonds are precious and amazing for the jewelry collection. For April birthdays, diamonds are a symbol of purity, virtues, infinity, and bravery. It can strengthen the brain, improve stamina and metabolism. Diamonds are now very popular as a wedding or anniversary gift. While choosing a diamond, consider the cut and shining.  

5) May Birthstone – Emerald

The favorite gemstone of mine, I really love the green one. For people born in May, emeralds are an important gem. It symbolizes feelings, rejuvenation and fertility, wisdom, development, and tranquility. It brings good luck to the wearer. People born in May with emerald birthstones are also considered to have greater intelligence.

6) June Birthstone – Pearl

Like diamonds, pearls are also famous in jewelry. For the people who have June birthdays, pearls symbolize chastity and moderation. It can calm the mind and control aggression. It helps the user to be successful in creative work and promotes the bond of marriage. Those who have pearls as birthstones have a cheerful personality that attracts people.

7) July Birthstone – Ruby

Ruby is also known as the king of all gemstones. Most rubies we see are deep blood red but, there are also soft shades available. As Rubi is related to royalties, it symbolizes power. Who owns rubies are considered charming. Ruby jewelry makes a bold statement so, for the July people, rubies are exactly what you want. The ruby represents love, desire, honor, and power. 

8) August Birthstone – Peridot

Try the different metals for stone jewelry. Like you can easily get silver, gold, Gold Plated Jewelry, white gold metals for gems. The light green birthstone belongs to the august people. The peridot stones prevent the wearer from the evil eye and negative thoughts. Peridot gems are rare so, you can’t get it easily. 

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9) September Birthstone – Sapphire

Again the well-known stone gem in jewelry. Most of the sapphires contain an eye-catchy blue tone. Sapphire stone is very lucky for the September people. Sapphire birthstone contains strength and power and also prevents negative energy. 

10) October Birthstone – Opal

The Opal gem is come up with various bright tones. Opals are semi-precious stones, and their quality and bright tone make them stand out in jewelry. Opal birthstone belongs to October birthdays. Opal symbolizes kindness and an open mind, and also gives the wearer a hopeful life. Try the opal with Gold Plated Pendants.  

11) November Birthstone – Topaz 

Topaz birthstone belongs to November Birthdays, and they usually contain bright yellow, orange, and brown colors. Topaz brings good luck, joy, and good health to those who wear them. For the light colors use different metals like silver, Gold Plated Jewelry, white gold to show off your birthstone jewelry. 

12) December Birthstone – Turquoise

Turquoise is the last stone in birthstone jewelry. Turquoise is for those who have a birthday in December. A turquoise birthstone is a symbol of positive energy. At the end of the year, the bright turquoise gem stands out. Turquoise is also known for its purifying nature and healing.


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