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The Stock Market Explained: A Simple Guide to Understanding the Stock Market

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Introduction to Stock Markets

1. The Need to Invest Learn about the importance of savings. Identify avenues to invest the savings in a suitable investment vehicle. Compare historical returns generated by different assets, and know what to expect from you.

2. Regulators Find out who and how the regulators govern the financial markets and also understand different types of financial market participants. Understand the need to regulate the markets.

3. Financial Intermediaries An overview of the financial intermediaries in the Indian stock market and the services they offer.

Introduction to Stock Markets

An in-depth understanding of how an Initial Public Offering (IPO) works in stock markets. The insight provided in this section can help you better understand why it is recommended that investors begin their investment journey with an IPO.

Potential Stocks Understanding why a stock is a good investment. Discover what types of stocks are available in the Indian Stock Market and understand the basics of the different kinds of stocks that are available on the stock market.

Trading Basics Learn the basics of stock market trading. Explore the various strategies that are available in stock markets. Discover the pros and cons of different strategies. Know the Exit Points Learn how to recognize and identify good entry and exit points.

The Need to Invest

Learn about the public offerings in the stock market and how to evaluate them. Understand the process for choosing the right stock to invest in. Identify the risks involved in the IPO process and their impact on your investment decisions.

Corporate Finance Learn about corporate finance and assess its importance as an investor. Find out about the different types of corporate finance instruments and the different approaches that can be taken to invest in them. Understand the challenges and opportunities in the Indian stock market.

Investment Funds Discover what investment funds are, and how to compare the returns that they generate. Find out about different types of funds and how they are managed.

There are several movies on Stock Market which may improve experience on stock market but stock market scams in india is worth watching.


Businesses may need to seek regulatory approval before taking a public share issue. This may include a company like Amazon, where Amazon became a private company. There are several regulatory requirements a business may have to go through before making a public offering. M&A Mergers and acquisitions in the stock market, deal by deal 5. The Stock Market and the Companies

The importance of companies is not just for investors, but also for the overall economy. And, companies have to be valued by the market.

Financial Intermediaries

Market Watch Compare the five stock market indices on the Indian stock market. To know the prospects of the markets in 2018.

The Fundamental Analysis Financial investors often rely on fundamental analysis to help determine the price of securities and understand the rationale behind why the prices of the securities are what they are at present. Understanding Financial Markets.

The Stock Markets and Bonds Investing in securities and investing in fixed income instruments like bonds are two very different things. Understand how one helps to fund the investments in the other.

Asymmetric Risk/Reward Learn about asymmetric risk and asymmetric reward to help understand your risk as well as your reward of investing in equities or in the bonds.

The IPO Market

Learn about the various types of initial public offers in the Indian stock market and understand the various products that are launched.

Learn how to invest in IPOs using various securities.

The Stock Market An introduction to the stock market using a quick read. Understand the importance of analyzing historical data. Understand how to allocate funds to financial instruments. Learn about stock investing through mutual funds, etc.

Investing in Emerging Markets Learn about the different types of markets available to investors and understand how they differ from the more established stock markets like the US, the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world. Learn how to invest in emerging markets using various investment vehicles.


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