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The size and quality of your tyres matters

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Welcome, all automobile nerds and first-time car owners that have scrounged the internet to find an answer to the ever-winding question, “how do I keep my car fuel efficient?”. Well, you better buckle up because this one is going to be a very smooth and economically sound ride.  It is important to keep in mind before we jump right in, that not every new car owner has the budget to get the premium quality parts for their car. For those that are tight on the budget but would still enjoy helping the environment with less fuel consumption, try Kumho Tyres Shipley. It provides you with all the right qualities that we are going to discuss shortly. 

Cars are one of those things that have been with us for long enough. We have forgotten that this was also a scientific discovery that is purely governed by extremely scientific principles. To be precise, mathematical calculations and laws of physics are what hold our modern cars together. 

Hence it should come as no surprise that using certain basic laws of physics, we can optimize the performance of these cars, no matter how high tech they are. The cars move with the help of the tyres. In simple words, the friction between the roads and the tyres is what is keeping you on the ground. 

Just as this frictional force is necessary, too much of it will make it difficult for you to move about freely. Similarly, the subtle changes in the tyre make minor changes in the resistance faced by the car, which you may not notice but will affect the fuel consumption greatly. 


The wider the tyre, the more is the surface area of the tyre touching the road. The higher the surface area that touches the road, the greater the grip, and the better are the chances that your car will not skid on the road. Seems like the perfect match for the situation. Right?

Not really. You will have to consider that the more the surface area on the road, the higher is the frictional force that your car is experiencing. This situation will massively increase fuel consumption in the long run. 

Whenever there is high resistance, the car has to use more and more fuel to overcome the resisting force and maintain a steady pace. Hence to maintain optimum fuel usage, it is advisable to use a thinner tyre. The width of the tyre must be enough to be able to support your car and should be chosen carefully. 

Along with the increased surface area, the weight of the tyre also comes into play here. This parameter is another extension of the problems that you will face with tyres that are a little too wide. 

The broader the tyre, the greater will be its mass. 

The friction from wider tyres might even dissipate as you drive along. The weight of the tyre will not. The weight will hold the car back even on a smooth road, and the machines will have no choice but to exhaust the fuel. 

Wheels and tyres

Last but not least, we have wheels. Most people opt for thinner and lighter tyres and then undo all the good work with a heavy steel wheel. Wheels are made of two materials, one being alloy and the other being steel. Alloy tyres are much lighter and are the best when bought in the right size for the tyre to fit the frame. For cars that are built to have wide tyres, steel wheels serve the purpose. Those cars are designed to carry heavy loads and work on undulating terrain. 

However, for personal use, alloy tyres serve the purpose very well. All you have to do is learn to drive properly and avoid accidents. Remember wheels are also an enormous part of the car and what you choose to put in your car matters. 

Owning a car is a great responsibility. Not only should you be doing a service to yourself by saving money on fuels but you will also be helping the environment a great lot. The amount of fossil fuels that we have access to is limited and is rapidly declining.

We not only owe it to ourselves and our wallets, but we also owe a lot to mother nature. You may have budget constraints, but Tyres Shipley will help you through it to be at your best. You deserve to reap the benefits of sustainable living as well, no matter the limitations. 


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