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The Role Organizations Can Take in Furthering Electronics Recycling

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ITAD The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has underscored the need for a more aggressive approach to electronics recycling. Majority of electronics contain a certain amount of toxic substances, examples of which include lead, mercury and cadmium. If burned or disposed of improperly, these can pollute surface water, groundwater and air, and contaminate soil.

According to statistics, only 18 percent of the 2.25 million tons of electronics ready for end-of-life (EOL) management was collected for recycling, with the remaining 82 percent going to landfills. As more and more electronics are produced each year, it has become increasingly challenging to keep electronics disposal to a minimum in order to avoid imminent environmental and health problems.

As such

The EPA has taken steps in facilitating the environmentally sound management of used electronics. The agency has strictly enforced its rule for recycling and exporting cathode-ray tubes (CRT), which contain high amounts of lead. It also offers a number of partnership programs that promote voluntary recycling initiatives among manufacturers.


Both private and public, are in a prime position to support such efforts and can take it a step further, contributing more significantly to the cause. By having used electronics recycled at legitimate recycling centers or partnering with groups that provide access to these, they can ensure that their electronics are neither disposed of in landfills, nor are they illegally exported.

Supporting electronics recycling

Is a viable way for organizations to not just do their part for the environment and comply with environmental regulations, but to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Electronic appliances are indeed very helpful at making our lives and work easier. Everyday, technological advancement are made so that our lives are easier and more pleasurable.


This leads to lots of pressure on the environment as perfectly serviceable electronic goods are considered obsolete and are replaced using an advanced version of the gadget. In such cases, what happens to the redundant electronic appliance?

Effects on the environment

Though there are various organizations that refurbish old computers and other electronic goods, millions of these appliances are just thrashed out. In fact, developed and advanced countries still produce large amounts of electronic junk that land up in landfill sites or are finally incinerated. The arising environmentally hazardous and dangerous pollution chokes everyone’s life.

Most electronic goods have plastic and chemicals that cannot be disposed like other bio-degradable junk as they are environmentally dangerous. Once they are dumped in land fills, they secrete toxic substances like arsenic. Lead and mercury that is absorbed by the ground. This leads to the contamination of everything from soil to water bodies, which can have disastrous effects on our future generations.

It is because of all this that electronic waste recycling has become very important in industrialized nations. With a planned strategy, electronic recycling can be safely implemented.

Here are some tips for the successful implementation of electronic recycling.

The electronic appliance should be sold in working condition. There are lots of people who are looking for low cost electrical appliances and computers. By doing this, your appliance is reusable for a few more years and you earn some money in exchange.

ITAD Some companies are ready to exchange old computers for newer models. Some companies like Dell also offer free return services as their contribution towards electronic recycling.

Donate your electronic appliance

To a non-profit organization like an NGO. As they may be useful in improving the life and education of children in third world countries.

If you have to get rid of your computer. Take it to an established computer recycling center for its proper recycling. However, before doing this, make sure to check if the computer can be repaired or upgraded.

With electronic recycling, you can do your bit in securing the environment for future generations.


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