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The Role of Cardboard Storage Boxes

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According to reports, from March last year, the demand for corrugated cardboard storage boxes has grown by 9%.

Despite a brief downfall due to the pandemic’s initial shock that froze the supply chain globally, things quickly resumed and spiked, peaking at October with the most demand record.

Double wall cardboard boxes are one of the best, cost-effective solutions suited for storing a number of items.

It lowers the expenses of the business and carbon footprint while ensuring product safety throughout the shipment process.

In this blog, we will outline the benefits of using of cardboard boxes and their sudden demand in the industry.

What is The Purpose of Cardboard Box Packaging?

Most cardboard box suppliers have seen a significant hike not only in 2020 but also in the first half of 2021.

The primary goal of cardboard boxes is to protect goods that need to be stored or transported.

It is extensively used in households to store everything from electrical goods, decorative items, clothes, etc.

Moving companies use double wall cardboard boxes to pack items and ship them in bulk. Businesses use them to pack orders and deliver them to respective customers.

These boxes are also used broadly in the FMCG industry for storing food and drinkable items. They are even used to transport various toxic goods like chemicals, pharmaceutical items, and other dangerous wastes.

Why are Cardboard Storage Boxes So Important?

Apart from being a reliable packaging material, cardboard storage boxes have a list of other uses.

Let’s look at some of the chief benefits:


More prominent brands usually buy cardboard packaging rolls.

These rolls have an array of uses and adaptability. They can be turned into boxes of any size or shape.

These cardboard storage boxes can be further branded according to the company’s logo, instructions to use the product, or some safety warnings to customers.

The versatility makes cardboard boxes an ideal packing material to become a part of the marketing and branding process of any business.


Cardboard boxes from reputed companies like Packaging Midlands are designed to be robust and durable.

Especially with double wall cardboard boxes, it has two layers of cardboard attached with corrugated paper. This creates a springy effect that prevents the items inside from road impacts, shock, and compression.

Some high-quality cardboard packaging is water-resistant as well.


Cardboard storage boxes are one of the utmost sustainable packaging solutions. Even if they can’t be recycled at times, they can be easily reused a few times.

For small businesses and cardboard box suppliers, this is a bonus. It keeps the cost down through reusability and recyclability, along with being eco-friendly.

Business who chooses cardboard over plastic helps to decrease their carbon footprint and build a better reputation. It helps to maintain an image of a sustainable, environment-friendly brand that attracts more customers.


Cardboard boxes are incredibly cheap forms of packaging. If you are buying in bulk, which most businesses do, it can be undeniably cost-effective.

However, just because it is cheap, that doesn’t mean you should settle for whatever quality you are getting from a deal.

If the quality of these boxes isn’t good, there are chances of your customers receiving damaged goods.


If you happen to produce heavy products, transporting them is itself a challenging task. Nowadays, shipping costs are a lot, and with the increasing weight of the overall package, the cost also rises.

Corrugated cardboard storage boxes are strong yet extremely lightweight. On the weighing scale, their weight is negligible, making it convenient for companies to transport products in these boxes.

Many e-commerce brands have free shipping these days. With cardboard boxes, it becomes easy without compromising the safety of their products.

According to reports, global consumption of paper packaging products goes through 15 billion trees. With the recent transition to cardboard boxes for packaging rather than plastic packets, the industry relies heavily on consumers to keep up with recyclability.


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