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The Role of Appointment Setters

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Appointment Setters can follow a specific script for the purpose of arranging appointments for new clients, gaining new sales or otherwise generating interest in your products or services. They organize and process the delivery of sales brochures, promotional material like product samples or information packs. They keep records of contacts made and tasks completed. It is possible to tailor the script according to the preferences of the clients and their sales representatives. The basic function of appointment setters is to create a system that makes it easy for the sales representatives to deal with customers on a day-to-day basis.

An appointment setter needs

To have a reliable CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system in place. The system would allow the sales team to easily manage contacts, appointments, and follow-up. This would ensure that the customers’ needs are being fulfilled and that the requirements of the clients are being met. The CRM should include features that help in segmenting leads, identify qualified prospects, follow up, manage correspondence, add/edit contacts, etc. The system should allow the sales representative to segment the list of leads by factors such as geographical location, sales history, type of business, etc. The CRM should also allow the sales representative to create and schedule follow-up calls.

Appointment setters can be used for professional or personal purposes

Professional use would include preparing client lists for business development or marketing campaigns. Such a list of contacts would then be using to contact prospective clients or business partners. In some cases, it also allows the development of relationship networks and sales channels. Personal use would include booking appointments for self-help groups or other self-help groups.

Businesses or organizations often outsource appointment setting to experienced appointment setters. These professionals are well-verses with technology and have expertise in using all types of software, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP or quartz. Such companies may not have the necessary knowledge of technical management or other methods required. However, the cost of hiring such professionals would be more than what they would charge for a single individual. Hiring an experience professional usually ensures that the job is doing right and the end results are satisfactory.

It is common for appointment setters to experience rejections due to various reasons

However, if such cases occur on a regular basis, it would severely hamper the overall productivity of the sales force. Rejections are often due to the unavailability of leads, poor closing rate, number of contacts to be makes, and the difficulty in finding prospects who are truly interesting in a particular business development opportunity. The best way to address these problems is by keeping a track of the number of rejections. Identifying the causes, and rectifying the faults.

The main cause for rejection may be poor preparation. Most appointment setters start their day by setting appointments. And sometimes do not have sufficient time to prepare and finalize all the necessary documents. Some salespeople are unable to make it to the workplace on time, due to personal reasons or other commitments. They may also be unaware of what to present to prospective prospects when they arrive. Another reason for rejections maybe that. The prospects are already committed to another business development company. Making it difficult for them to switch to a new one.

In order to avoid these kinds of scenarios

Appointment setters must have proper training and be familiar with how to properly set appointments and close prospects. They must also understand the reasons behind the rejections. For instance, it could be that prospects do not want to sign up right away. It could be that there is a problem with the lead or the presentation has been fixes. There is no need to contact them anymore. It could also be that the lead does not really exist and setting appointments with such leads will yield little positive results.

Appointment setting and closing procedures should be simple, standardized, and follow-through oriented. If there is a specific follow-up procedure, it should be in writing and included in all correspondence. This will makes sure that all parties involves are comfortable and everything is doing according to the procedure. If a sales rep wants to become more experienced. He should seek consultation from experienced appointment setters, who can teach him the ropes.


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