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The positive impact of the NFL on the US economy

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Sports can play a huge part in the country’s financial prosperity in the United States. The different leagues, from the NFL to the NBA and so many more, help to positively impact the economy.

The NFL is significant in this as the most popular league in the country. With its global appeal, the franchises can bring in huge amounts of revenue from different avenues, such as television and merchandise sales.

With this success, the NFL and its affiliated organizations provide a huge contribution to the job sector across the nation as well as with further tax revenue through sports betting.

As sports betting becomes legal in more and more states each year, the NFL odds, which are bet on, regularly contribute to the economy, with sportsbooks paying regular taxes to states which can be used in different ways to benefit the regions.

The league itself creates more opportunities with its continued expansion. Options in the head office from administration to management, cleaning to maintenance, and a more excellent workforce are required as demand builds. 

Each team in the league provides a wealth of jobs for the people in the local community. The team themselves will require coaching, medical teams, analysts, and so much more. Staff are required to maintain and build the training facilities, while administrators work on tickets, marketing, Human Resources, and a huge range of other roles. 

Almost all these roles can be filled by people in the local community, in the city itself, which ensures the economy continues to build. It carries on doing so on gameday as well. The stadium requires staff carrying out security, match day support staff on hand to help and entertain fans, as well as medical staff along with retail staff selling food and drinks.

With the NFL’s attraction, game day can be a crazy time in and around the stadium. The influx of supporters who flood the local area will buy refreshments and spend time around the area, which ensures local businesses can take advantage of the potential customers as well.

Media networks continue to grow as well. With more eyes on the league, further work is required to cover each team, with the amount of detail people crave also going up. From the presenter to the cameraman to the producer and everyone else involved in bringing the game and reports on the team, more work goes into the local community. 

It’s not just the presenter on the news or at the game; there are so many different roles, as well as writers who cover the team for websites, magazines, and newspapers. They are required to have an in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of the team they cover, not just for the fan of the club but the league as a whole. With the continual rise of the Fantasy Football game, players will want to know who is fit and who will start, and a lot of this comes from the local writers and media staff who spend their days with the team.

When it comes to a Super Bowl, all this and more is dialled up to 11.

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched sports matches every year, and people come in from all over the world to the city which is lucky enough to play host. 

A massive influx of tourists comes into the city throughout the week. It’s not just a game day which sees the entertainment happen as attractions and events are on offer throughout the week, which bring an injection into the local economy.

Bars, restaurants, hostels, and hotels are all thriving throughout this week as the action takes to the streets and people make a holiday of the event. With tickets costing so much money, a lot of people will think it’s worth making the event last a few days rather than a few hours.

The construction industry has benefitted greatly, too from the NFL’s rise. 

While the offices for NFL headquarters continued to grow with the league, the franchises themselves have had to keep up with regulations and rules for their facilities. Ensuring that their stadiums are kept to high standards continues to see work carried out, while new stadiums being built when franchises move, such as the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas, can see a stadium cost up to $1.9 billion in construction as we saw with the building of the Allegiant Stadium.

Facilities continue to be developed, and construction teams will work on these as well to make sure they are state of the art with the need to become a top franchise so important for the financial rewards being a Super Bowl winner can bring. 

Nationally and at a local level, the construction and media industries throve with the NFL and continue to grow and provide more jobs and careers.


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