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The Noble Quran – A Brief Introduction

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The Noble Quran is one of the two sacred Islamic texts that are considered to be supreme in value by Islam. The word, “Noble,” in the Arabic language refers to something very high in value. This implies that this text is an extremely important one, as it discusses issues and principles that are of utmost importance to Muslims all over the world. The Noble Quran, along with the Bible, is two of the two most highly relied upon Islamic texts. Thus, many non-Muslims feel inspired to learn and study Islam because of its relevance to their lives.

The Noble Quran is actually a translation from the Arabic language into the English language by Muhammad Taqi-ud-bin al-Hilali, after whom it is commonly known as the Noble Quran. The word,” Noble” refers to one of the Two Holy Books of Islam, the Holy Bible, as mentioned by the sacred verse in the Bible, “The Holy Bible is with you”, written in Arabic. This verse clearly states that the Bible is one of the two most beloved books by Allah, which has been compiled in the best of their hands, and is also the final revelation from his lips. The Noble Quran, therefore, refers to the Bible, the Islamic Bible, or the Holy Quran, depending on how one interprets the meanings of the words in the Noble Quran.

Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-din al-Hilalian is the translator of the Arabic text in the Noble Quran. He received his degree in medicine from the University of Cambridge, UK, in 1969. Since then he has worked as a professor at various medical universities and has translated a number of medical works in the Arabic language, including a Digest of the Medicine of the Holy Quran, originally written in Persian. During his several years of work as a professor at the University of Chicago, he compiled a number of important ahadith, including those from the Bible and the Quran. In this he made available to his students a better understanding of both the Bible and the Quran, and thus helped them better comprehend their meaning.

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The Noble Quran, like all the holy texts, is a compilation of the sayings and actions of the religious saints, Allah’s peace-loving servants, and His favored prophets and messengers. According to the Holy Quran, all these people had a divine mission and teaching, and each performed his/her functions in the name of Allah, and was blessed to have the title of ” Allah is my witness” (Kashmiri),” Allah is my witness” (Sura al-Kashmiri),” Allah is your Lord” (Bayna Rabbihi), “I am the master of the creation (Talaq al-Ma’a),” “I am the warden of the gate (Nuzbar),” “I am the eye of the world (Ramadan),” and many other similar statements. The religious significance of the Noble Quran is clear to all who have understood its meaning. However, the religious significance also covers other issues such as ethics, behavior, politics, sociology, and other issues that face humanity in their day to day lives.

The Noble Quran’s meaning is thus an important part of human life. To a common man, it is extremely difficult to understand how the religious text came into existence and why it holds such fascination for so many people. Studying the Noble Quran is therefore of great benefit to those who are involved in education, religious studies, and all forms of communication. Moreover, this text helps students to appreciate other forms of religions and learn about their various forms of belief and actions.

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The primary meaning of the Noble Quran is ‘The Most Trustworthy Quran’, i.e. ‘The Word of Allahs’. This implies that the religion that it contains is ‘the last testament’ (tenthousandth letter) of God’s wisdom regarding humanity and is thus completely true and valid in all aspects. It is a divine text that can be trusted and its meaning can never be undermined.

The second meaning is that the Noble Quran is a speech of God (Quran) to mankind, and not a book of humans. It is a unique piece of literary genius. It is full of deep and powerful message for humanity. It is replete with all the qualities and traits that come from the pen of the Almighty.

The third meaning is that the Noble Quran is the foundation and the perfection on which the foundations of Islam and all forms of worship can be built. All other mosques that come after it are but mere shell buildings that lack the lofty and elevating nature of the Noble Quran. Such is the power of the Arabic language and its essence in conveying God’s message. The Noble Quran is the final word spoken by the Supreme Creator to mankind and all other prophets. It is the perfect model for all other scriptures as it contains all the traits of logic, elegance, beauty, serenity, and wisdom. It is a source of knowledge and wisdom for those who follow the right path.


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