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The Next Generation Of Indian Investors Is Learning About Stock

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The current financial markets are in a bull run. The bull run that no one has ever seen. All the markets including the commodity market, secondary market, or primary (bond) market are rallying and making all-time highs.  Some of the financial market experts consider this bull run as a bubble as the price rise is majorly due to excess money printing. 

The money that is being printed in the U.S is used to domestic or international assets and bonds in the primary market. Thus, leading to this sudden rise in asset prices. 

One thing we should not discard is that- in a bull run, the financial market gets a lot of media attention. Moreover, retail investor’s participation also increases in a bull run. 

Market From Youtube 

Retail investors and institutional investors are not the only ones that have earned in this bull run. Along with them, the social media influencers have earned as well. YouTube content creators and Instagram influencers have seen enormous amounts of growth in their subscriber base. 

Young and tech-savvy professionals have contributed to this market rally by investing after watching YouTube videos. Financial markets have gained a lot of attention from YouTube. Also, it has changed the trend, more than music and comedy, the finance genre has been on the rising side. These content creators provide stock tips to their subscribers. 

Also, they create videos around various trading and investing styles – Learn about the markets from YouTube. Most of the influencers have at least one video where they have more than a million views. The most common trick among these YouTube influencers is that they make it easy for you to understand the financial market concepts. Their focus is on solving subscriber’s queries and teaching them difficult financial concepts in an easier way. 

Things That Helped Influencers 


After the lockdown due to the pandemic has massively helped all the YouTube and Instagram influencers in gaining views and subscribers. Since March 2020, people have figured that equity exposure is very important for capital. Therefore, queries regarding the stock market and other equity products have increased since lockdown. 

Online Demat Account Opening / Free Trading Account 

Also, the ease of online demat account opening has helped influencers in gaining followers, subscribers, and views. Today’s internet brokers also known as discount brokers have used technology to make it easier for individuals to open a demat account. 

Individuals do not need any hard copy, also, they do not have to visit any branch to open a demat account. The entire process has been made digital. Thus, these brokers are popularly called internet brokers. 

Along with providing ease in demat account opening, discount brokers provide free trading accounts as well. The majority of the brokers do not charge any onboarding fees to the customers for opening a trading account. Only the demat account opening fee has to be paid by the individual.   

Cheap Data 

The availability of cheap data in India has impacted the content consumption of common individuals. The content creators have seen enormous growth in terms of viewership. While talking about share market trading, some of the content creators perform live trading sessions during the market hours on YouTube / Twitch. Therefore, the availability of cheap data has benefitted both content creators as well as content consumers. 


Now, the trend to consume financial news has changed. Social media influencers and applications have changed the way people used to learn about new stocks and companies. And above written, are some of the main reasons for this growth. 

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