The new Ford E-Transit all-electric van will arrive in the spring of 2022

The new Ford E-Transit

The new Ford E-Transit all-electric van will soon be used in a large customer test project that is being carried out in Europe. With a range of up to 350 km (WLTP) and the latest management tools and technologies, Ford’s goal with E-Transit is to lead the development in the global electrification of commercial vehicles.

The prototypes of E-Transit will be used by a large commercial fleet in Norway, Germany and the United Kingdom. So that the production-ready models will deliver the customers’ actual needs for daily use. It will be test in use in various industries such as food delivery, parcel delivery and postal services.

The European customer tests of E-Transit are part of a large development program. That the electric car will experience before it is launch in the spring of 2022. The project which starts late this summer, has been develop to show that the electric van can be used and meet productivity conditions in several businesses and situations.

The new Ford E-Transit prototypes to use in the customer test project are manufacture at Ford’s plant in Dunton, UK. The prototypes will come both as vans and chassis variants with cold storage and other body variants.

In Europe. Ford will offer as many as 25 different variants of the production-ready E-Transit electric vans double cabs and chassis with body options. All available in different lengths, ceiling heights and load capacities.

The new Ford E-Transit electric van has an electric motor that delivers a full 269 HP and maximum torque is 430 Nm. The rear-wheel-drive electric van will thus the strongest of all-electric vans sold in the European market. The fully electric car ensures that you can drive in emission-free zones anytime you want. You will drive even more environmentally friendly if you choose a provider of renewable energies when charging the battery.

The battery in the new electric van is located at the bottom of the vehicle. For E-Transit, this means that the cargo space is up to a full 15.1 m3. The expected load capacity is 1616 kg for the van and 1967 kg for the chassis models. The new Ford E-Transit electric van will not only make the business more sustainable. But will also reduce service costs by around 40%, compared to a similar combustion engine van.

The new Ford E-Transit will also be the first commercial vehicle to come with the all-new SYNC 4 communication and entertainment system. The van equipped with a 12-inch touch screen, advanced voice recognition technology and a cloud navigation system. With over the air updates. E-Transit will also be able to continuously update the software with new and revised functionality and constant developments.

E-Transit is also available with the Pro Power Onboard system. This system turns the electric car into an electric energy source where equipment and tools can operated with up to 2.3 kW. So you can simply connect your drills, saws, laptops or other devices to the 220-volt socket and go to work. This is the first time such a system has offered in the European market for light commercial vehicles.

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