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The Must-Haves For Every Cosmetic Packaging

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Cosmetics have become an essential part of our lives, and cosmetic packaging has become a buzzing issue. This is primarily because cosmetic packaging is a crucial feature of the products. Even if we analyze the law’s point of view, cosmetic packaging needs to have basic information. This is because the FDA has created and enforced the guidelines for information on cosmetic packaging. But again, adding this information doesn’t mean that product packaging has to be boring. 

This is the prime reason people opt for customized packaging to create appealing and irresistible packaging that captures the target markets. It is essential to create a fine balance between information and designs because mastering this balance will result in an increased customer base. For more info about cosmetic boxes, you can check out WeCustomoBoxes. However, in this article, we are sharing the must-haves for cosmetic packaging!


Truth be told, it’s pretty obvious to add a location, but some brands are missing out on this. For this purpose, the cosmetic packaging must have the location and factory’s address on the cosmetic boxes. You must ensure that the location must be original. In case your business has a distributor and manufacturer, their addresses must be added as well. The cosmetic packaging must have the corporate address, and it must differ from the distributors’ or manufacturers’ address. 

Sure, there are chances that you wouldn’t feel that location is important. However, adding the address will show the origination address of the products. For instance, the majority of consumers prefer the cosmetic products that are created in the US, but some research the cosmetic company as well. 

List Of Ingredients

The ingredients are very crucial to cosmetic products, and the ingredients show what is in the tube or tub. In the majority of cases, people are extremely afraid of chemical materials because of more serious concerns. The millennials and gen-z shoppers are extremely particular about the ingredients; they prefer organic ingredients. That being said, your brand must ensure that ingredients are tailored to the customers’ demands and are listed on the cosmetic packaging. 

In particular, even the law requires the users to include the ingredients list along with the particular amount used in it. However, while adding the ingredients, the first one is always prominent, so add the ingredient that’s used in the highest percentage. So, the length of the ingredient list depends on your cosmetic products. 

Matching Packaging

When it comes down to matching packaging, you need to work on primary as well as secondary packaging. This is a crucial point because every product is different and demands unique packaging. Generally, the makeup products and cosmetic products use secondary packaging along with outer packaging on the primary part. For instance, with mascara and foundation, product protection is essential and demands primary packaging. 

These packaging solutions will reduce the chances of damages to the products when it’s being shipped to the customers. On the contrary, if you are choosing protection, you cannot leave the appealing behind. It’s needless to say that packaging types are important for curating a unique brand identity. Also, you have to create a brand identity for all your product (yes, the entire product line). 

Physical Design

Before we say anything else, cosmetic packaging is incomplete without appealing graphics and physical packaging. When talking about physical design, we are actually talking about product packaging. For instance, you have to create a unique yet suitable packaging for eyeshadows, foundations, mascara, and lipsticks. That being said, if you are offering transcalent powder or highlighters, you can opt for a clear lid. To summarize, it’s crucial to pay attention to small details because these specs capture the eye! 


Not every cosmetic is for everyone, which means putting up warnings and cautions on the cosmetic package is important. In particular, the legal authorities have made it mandatory to add warnings on foams and sprays. In this case, you must comply with the enforced laws for cosmetic packaging set in your country or state (all of them have different laws and regulations). 

Expiration Date 

Since there are multiple ingredients in one cosmetic product, the brands must add the expiration date on the package. This expiration date will ensure that people are only using safe products. There have been multiple lawsuits when companies didn’t add the expiration and customers struggled with the side effects of using expired products. So, if you want to remain safe from such legal actions, add the expiration date! 


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