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The most exclusive locations for Wild Swimming in the West Lake Region

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Wild Swimming is home to beautiful glacial lakes, rugged mountains, traditional hotels, excellent restaurants, art galleries, outdoor sports equipment shops, and historical associations. Moreover, the place is also famous for its markets across the town, including Kendal, Keswick, and Ambleside.

The water bodies in the region are stunning and excite everyone for wild swimming and other adventurous water activities. Every year wild swimmers from different parts of the world visit the paradise to swim in beautiful lakes and rivers and enjoy the unique experience. 

Here are the top six wild swimming destinations in the Lake District for your trip. 


Derwentwater is a beautiful lake next to Keswick, offering an excellent opportunity for open swimming. People who come here for the time make sure to visit again. In addition, Ashness Jetty is an ideal place for sunset swimming, surrounded by outstanding beauty and magical scenes. In short, the site is worth visiting and must be on your travel bucket list. 

The lake is easily accessible from the famous markets of Keswick town, and here, you can find a lot of eateries. There are plenty of outdoor shops and boutiques where you can explore and buy exciting stuff. It will take you a few miles to the Theatre by the Lake and Derwent water. Moreover, tourists can find several cafes, restaurants, and accommodations across the town. Outdoor adventure seekers can hop on a boat ride on the seven landing stages of the lake. 

Rydal Bower

Rydal Power is listed as one of the most popular non-lake sites for wild swimming in the Lake District. The pool is hidden deep in the forest, with a slender split between rock walls and a beautiful waterfall. It is an ideal location to spend the summer holidays and feel connected with nature. Nature lovers can discover the long waterfalls, greenery all around, forests, parks, birds chirping, water flowing, and the calmness of the place. Swimming is a popular activity here, and if you are adventurous, this place will become your favorite. 

The ideal time to explore the site is in autumn when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. After swimming, you can walk to enhance your body strength. There are camps close by at Rydal Hall, and visitors can spend great evenings in the Badger Bar situated at Glen Rothay Hotel, offering excellent bar food. 

Black Moss Pot

If you are a social swimmer and enjoy swimming with plenty of water, Black Moss Pot is the place to explore in the Langstrath Valley. The area’s setting is magical, and the cold water gives a refreshing and tropical feel. One can see plenty of wild swimmers on weekends, making it crowded, especially in the summer. 

Rocks surround a waterfall at one end of the site, and you can see people swearing while jumping off the cliffs. Get into the water with your favorite shades and enjoy a relaxing swimming session with your friends. The site is around half an hour’s walk from Stonethwaite in Borrowdale. Moreover, there is a lovely pub, the Langstrath Inn, where you can book your table in advance so that you don’t have to face inconvenience later. So, make a Delta Airlines booking and fulfill your wish to spend the summer holidays while wild swimming with your travel gang. 


Buttermere is blessed with stunning views in the USA, and you can’t even imagine how incredible the place is. The area is situated in the Lake District in North West England. It looks surreal when you see the vistas from the water. Today, the lake region lies within Cumbria and is owned by the National Trust.

The steep or narrow water makes the lake a little scary; therefore, it could be better for kids or beginners. One can only fulfill the wish of wild swimming in Buttermere if they are trained. Here, you can also find local summer food shops offering superb accommodation, beverages, dairy, bakery, fish, grocery, meat, preserves, restaurants, grocery, food festivals, nutritional food, etc. Moreover, the village has two famous pubs for party lovers, cafes, and fancy restaurants for incredible dining facilities. Hence, the place has almost everything to offer travelers of each kind. 

Coniston Water, Lake District 

Nothing can compare to the adventure of Coniston Water in the Lake District. It is the third-largest lake in the Lake District in its volume and stands fifth in its geographical area. Moreover, Peel Island, once called Wildcat Island or Brown Howe, is an exciting place where the first Amazons lived. 

The site is five miles long, half a mile wide has a depth of 184 feet, and covers an extensive area of 1.89 square miles. Visitors can explore Peel Island, Kirkby Moor, and River Duddon. If you want to challenge your guts, walk around Coniston Water, which will take you two to three hours. You can appreciate and explore the breathing views and beauty of the place and even capture the same with your camera or mobile phone.

Stanley Gill Force, Lower Eskdale  

Stanley Gill Force is another best wild swimming spots in the Lake District and is also considered the most alluring fall of Lakeland. The swimming chute falls around 20m into a narrow pool hidden in a ravine, and one can reach the place by crossing the bridges and the challenging route. Tough swimmers can jump in the pool in cold waters. 

You can also participate in swimming in the deep pools below Dalegarth Bridge, near the parking area. There are rope swings, so you can enjoy another fun activity if you cannot swim like wild swimmers. Book your Aeromexico tickets from the official site and discover the fantastic treasures in the Lake District for an everlasting trip experience.


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