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The most effective way to disinfect your car in times of COVID-19

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Now that we are back to routine and facing the ‘new normal’, we want to make sure that our car is clean and sanitized if we use it on a daily basis. Therefore, in this article we tell you how you can disinfect the interior of your car in the most effective way possible. We talk about the methods that are being used the most to disinfect cars and what are the substances capable of eliminating the virus from practically all surfaces.

Cleaning the interior of the car and the external surfaces with which we can have more contact, before and after each use, is essential to avoid COVID-19 infections. But not only that! When you go to refuel, make a purchase from the car or pay a toll, try to have latex gloves and sanitizing gel on hand to clean your hands. Do you want more tips? Keep reading!

Infectious agents can remain for hours and even days on some types of surfaces. According to a study by

The New England Journal of Medicine

it was found that COVID-19 can remain alive for up to 72 hours on plastic surfaces that make up elements such as the dashboard and some controls. What other findings did the study obtain?

Study Findings

On surfaces made of steel and other types of metals, the virus can remain active for up to two to three days. Watch out for the door handles! They are very exposed if we do not maintain correct hygiene habits.

If you are one of those who usually leave copper coins in the different compartments of the car, be careful since the coronavirus can remain alive for 24 hours.

Are cloth and leather seats prone? The answer is yes. A specific time has not been determined, but what is known is that the period is lower than that of other surfaces and elements.

In aerosols and, therefore, in the air that is breathed in the cabin, the virus can remain up to three hours.

How do I clean or disinfect my car?

Do you still have doubts that disinfecting your car daily is another way to keep your safe and secure car at all times? Learn how to clean it yourself without damaging its interior by following these recommendations:

  • Use soap and water, but always in reasonable amounts to avoid strong odors or discoloration of the surfaces. Emphasize the door handles, mirrors, steering wheel, gear stick, and door controls or commands.
  • If you are going to use a hydroalcoholic liquid, make sure that it contains at least 70% alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol wipes are ideal for disinfecting internal car surfaces as long as you do not abuse the product or rub too much, as some materials could be damaged or discolored. If you prefer, you can also opt for an isopropyl alcohol spray.
  • Give up bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or ammonia cleaners. The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) explains that these types of products can damage the anti-reflective or anti-fingerprint material of the vehicle’s screens.
  • Ozone to disinfect? It is the favorite option of many drivers, since it has a very effective microbicidal, oxygenating and deodorizing action. Unless you have an ozone machine at home, this service can be found in specialized workshops or centers.
  • Disinfecting the inside of the car also means paying special attention to the air you breathe. The car’s air conditioning system is often a source of dirt, fungus and bacteria, and now, with the arrival of COVID-19, the risk may be greater. To clean it you can use innocuous disinfectant sprays that, thanks to the long nozzles with which they are manufactured, you can reach the deepest part of the circuit. Now, if you want a much more thorough cleaning, do not hesitate to go to a professional service. It is a more expensive alternative, but quite efficient when we talk about a system as complex as the air conditioning system. This technique usually uses ozone and a mixture of detergents.

Do not forget to use gloves, a mask and some eye protector. Also, experts recommend using microfiber cloths for cleaning and disinfecting. In addition to the surfaces that we have mentioned above, do not leave aside the dashboard, the armrests, the cup holder, the levers that regulate the height of the seat, the car keys … well. Everything with which you are going to have the minimum contact must be disinfected daily.


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