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The Main Types of Car Accidents: A Helpful Guide

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Are you wondering about all the types of car accidents you can experience? Whether you are driving on the road or sitting in a parked car, you can experience a car accident. These collisions are frightening and can result in injuries, damage to your vehicle, emotional trauma, and more.

For these reasons, knowing how to stay safe while in your vehicle is key.

One of the best ways to increase your overall safety is to understand the different types of accidents that can occur. By knowing how certain accidents happen, you can do your best to avoid them.

If you want to stay safe on the road, here are the common accidents to avoid.  

Head-On Collisions

One of the most common types of car accidents is a head-on collision. This type of accident occurs when the fronts of two cars collide. If you have been injured in a head-on collision,

Side-Impact Collisions 

Another common kind of car accident is a side-impact collision. This type of accident occurs when the side of one car collides with another car. Side-impact collisions can result in serious injuries, depending on the location of the impact. 

Rear-End Collisions 

Rear-end collisions are very common car accidents. This type of accident occurs when one car crashes into the read-end of another. If you experienced a read-end collision, consider contacting a car accident lawyer. 

Single-Car Accident 

A common auto accident is a single-car accident. This type of accident occurs when a car hits an item, such as a traffic sign, a building, or more. Single-car collisions can also include hitting debris on the road or an animal. 

Multi-Vehicle Collisions 

Just like a single-car collision, there are also multi-car collisions. This type of accident occurs when three or more cars are involved in the same collision. Multi-car accidents can cause serious injuries and usually require an auto accident attorney. 

Vehicle Rollover 

One of the most dangerous types of car accidents is a vehicle rollover. This type of accident occurs when a car crashes and then rolls over. 

This can happen for a variety of reasons, one of which is driving while under the influence. If you are wondering what to do after a car accident, seek legal help. 

Sideswipe Collision

One of the common kinds of car accidents is a sideswipe accident. This type of accident occurs when the sides of two cars collide. This can be caused by distracted driving that results in drifting in and out of traffic lanes. 

These Are the Common Types of Car Accidents

There are several types of car accidents that are common. 

The most common accidents include head-on, rear-end, and side-impact collisions. You can also experience a single-car accident or a multi-vehicle accident. Some of the most common accidents to avoid are vehicle rollovers and sideswipe collisions. 

Most accidents are also caused by driving under the influence of alcohol, as it also causes drivers to lose their mental balance. And cause an accident,

By knowing how these accidents occur, you can do your best to avoid them.

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