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The Leading Supplier of Digital Printing Equipment

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Are you a Print service provider (PSP) looking to expand your print and finishing production capacity? Would you like to grow your business with new applications and explore new markets? Perhaps you want to reduce your production costs with cheaper printing solutions and more efficient finishing solutions, increase your competitive edge through predictable job costing through a pay per use (PPU) system, or are striving for a better environment through safer, non-toxic non-hazardous inks?

Midcomp is a Johannesburg-based company with regional outlets that offers a wide range of products and services relating to the printing industry. The company is a supplier of top-quality industrial digital printers and finishing equipment in South Africa, and they have machines and software that are able to cater for a vast array of applications, including the printing and finishing of point-of-sale displays, textiles, signage billboards, stickers, decals vehicle graphics and much more!

With Midcomp

You will have access to leading print technology from HP, like the HP Latex that uses highly durable environmentally friendly HP Latex ink or HP Designjets suitable for the GIS AEC and CAD applications including multi-function, production, photo production, and PostScript. Hp Designjet is a trusted name globally for over 30 years that uses water-based inks. Midcomp also has JHF UV print technology, as well as Zünd high performance Swiss cutting systems and Summa Vinyl cutting systems.

Not only does Midcomp supply printing machines, but they also offer a wide variety of consumables that go with them! The company sells items such as latex print and cut, gerber routers, vinyl cutters, heat presses, and they are the only official Zünd-appointed reseller in all of Southern Africa, which means that they stock the brand’s digital cutter.


Midcomp also sells a wide range of printing software that will enable you to complete excellent print production. Colour management, workflow efficiency, output control, as well as automation are all at your fingertips. They sell dedicated software that assists with colour consistency, streamlined packaged design, colour management, and various other aspects! If you would like to know more about the company, browse through the extensive range of digital printing and finishing equipment that they have on offer, book an online or on-site demonstration, or if you would just like to get in contact with someone from the company, then do not hesitate to visit their official website at:

About Midcomp:

For over 30 years, Midcomp has strived to offer not only the best digital printing and finishing equipment, but also offer the best possible service, as well as backup support for when things go wrong. The company’s team comprises the highest calibre of industry experts (engineers, applications, and colour management specialists etc.) adding value to every facet of their customers’ businesses and ensuring that they are true Catalysts For Growth!


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