The Key Features of Successful Food Delivery Applications

Key Features of Successful Food Delivery Applications

The demand for food delivery applications is increasing by each passing day. It is an application that allows customers to place a food order online from any of the restaurants in an area using their smartphone.

With the beginning of Covid-19, everything changed. Customers went from eating at the restaurants to ordering online in no time. That is the reason why online food delivery apps have become more valuable. Customers can easily get orders delivered at the comfort of their homes. And that’s the need of the hour!

Food Delivery Applications like UberEats, Swiggy or Zomato have become popular among people for their amazing services.

Statistics for Online Ordering and Delivering

  • 60% of U.S. consumers order deliveries or takeout once in a week.
  • Online ordering and deliveries have increased by 300% when compared to dine-in traffic since 2014. 
  • An unprecedented growth rate of 14% CAGR was recorded for on-demand food delivery business between 2018 and 2020.
  • According to the data, in 2024, the revenue of the Online Food Delivery Applications and their services worldwide would be around 96,864.4 million USD. 

Significance of Food Delivery Applications in the Present Time

  • Economic- While placing the order, customers save their time and efforts. Apart from this, they also get attractive offers and vouchers through which they get their desired food items at a discounted rate.
  • For remote workers- People who are living in a remote area and doing work from home, find it hard to take out time and cook food, choose to place an online order for food. This is how delivery applications come to their rescue.
  • Wide variety- By just sitting in comfort at your houses, you can choose your desired food item amongst all restaurants available in the area, which would not be possible if you go out to eat. This is how a food delivery application eases your task.
  • Online reviews- Because of reviews and ratings of any particular restaurant, customers find it easy to select a suitable place to order from. Whereas, if you go out to eat, then you may get disappointed by the service or food provided by the restaurant due to lack of knowledge of reviews of that place.
  • Increase in sales- From a business point of view, reaching out to customers is very large. Customers are more likely to engage with your brand when you send push notifications. This is a great way to increase brand loyalty.
  • Safety concerns- Amidst the pandemic, people are concerned about their safety and hygiene of the food items they eat. Food delivery applications ensure safety and hygiene to the customers by providing them with honest reviews of the restaurant.

Key Features to Consider While Developing Food Delivery Applications

When you plan to proceed with the food delivery app development, you must be aware of some important features. The user-specific features in your delivery application makes it more useful. Given below are some key features for food delivery applications that should be considered while being customer-use oriented.

For the Customer


Your food delivery application may not be completed if the process is complicated. So, make the feature for registration easy, allowing the users to finish the registration through social media accounts.

Searching food

This is the main feature for any food delivery app. Make sure you add this feature to your application. There must be an organized list for restaurants and cuisines, which would be a convenience.

Scheduling the orders and adding food items to the cart

After the customers have searched for their desired food items, they would want to add them to the cart. The feature is needed so that customers can order food in one go. Next comes, scheduling. It is important for deliveries to be on time in order to avoid customer inconvenience.

Easy payments

You must add different payment options like PayPal, Wallets, UPI or Cash on delivery. When customers interact with your food delivery application, you need to ensure that customer payment information is secure.

Contact information of delivery person

After the customers have placed the order and made payment, they would want contact information of the delivery person to keep a check on their order. Through this feature, customers can easily reach out to the delivery person.


Customers get anxious and impatient after they have placed their order. So to avoid such inconvenience, a feature of tracking the order must be inbuilt in your food delivery application. Thus, customers can feel relaxed and assured about their order.

Reviewing the order history

Sometimes it may happen that customers want to order one of their previous orders. In that case, there must be a feature where customers can review what orders they had placed earlier and choose the same again. This will be convenient and save their time.

Rating the food

After receiving the orders and fulfilling the appetite, customers may want to rate the food on the basis of their experience. This feature provides an insight to the order that helps the other people as well who would want to place the same order.

Offers, Promos, Push notifications

Such features in the food delivery application attract the customers for placing orders. They would get excited provided with attractive offers, vouchers and promos. This also helps in winning brand loyalty as who would not want food at some discounted price.

Feature of push notifications helps to stay connected with the customers. These additional features are useful in increasing user’s engagement.

Conclusion Remarks

In the present time, delivery apps have allowed people to manage their busy life as well as to take proper food on time. Such applications have provided its customers with a great advantage of ordering food and receiving it at their doorstep. They have high reliability and flexibility.

The Best Food Delivery App Development Company is the one which provides better services to both customers and the people who will deliver the orders. They consider all the key features while developing applications. We have developed food delivery applications like Snappy Plaza and Liber. We excel at providing our best services to the users.

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