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The key components of a sump pump.

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If you have a basement but aren’t well versed with the idea of a sump pump, we are here to help. A sump pump is a tool that pumps excess water from your basements out of your house to avoid flooding of your basements. The pump comes with various components which work together as a unit to ensure full security to your basement against any water damage. Starting from the pump values to the discharge line, here are the important components of the sump pump: 

1. Sump Liner

A sump pit is dangerous, prone to being clogged with debris, and as ugly as a hole in the floor can get. Therefore, using a reliable plastic sump liner is an excellent choice. It also comes with an airtight lid, that has a one-way draining outlet to ensure a smooth passage of stagnant water that needs to be reduced.

2. An alert Alarm

Almost all sump pumps come with an alarm that is assembled into the sump liner’s lid. It is a necessary component that detects any rise in the water level and goes off when the level rises above the level of the pump alerting everyone of the emergency.  

3. Zoeller Sump Pump

Zoeller sump pumps come with a strong motor and a cast-iron body. They are known for having long runtimes and can pump heavy volumes of water that your regular pump might struggle to pump out, the reason why they are considered one of the best in the market. 

4. Float Switch

It is the most common mechanism to operate the pump. It is composed of a plastic float that is connected to the switch via a thin shaft. So, when the plastic float is pushed up by the water, the switch veers the motor on and the pump begins to function.

5. Pump Stand

The pump stand is a specially constructed pedestal on which the pump rests. It ensures no debris or smaller objects are clogging the inflow. 

6. Check Valve

Check valves are installed in the drain line and sometimes can also be found in the water inlet. These are used to prevent any backflow of the water into the pump that may hamper its functioning. 

7. Battery Backup

Battery backup acts as a power source for when there is a power outage. The battery is usually connected to the pump and then hoisted on the wall.  

8. Discharge

This component is required to successfully direct the water into the clearance/discharge pipe ensuring a smooth outflow of water from the sump. 

9. Discharge Pipe

The discharge pipe is usually made up of PVC plastic and carries the water pumped out by the pump out of your house.

That’s a wrap for our article regarding the essential components of a sump pump. Now if you’re well aware of these and want to get access to the best pumps in the market, you can visit http://sumppumpzone.com for more details. 


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