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The Jerusalem Post

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The Jerusalem Post is a broadsheet Israeli newspaper. Founded in 1932, it was first called The Palestine Post, and in 1950, it changed its name to The Jerusalem Post. In 2004, the company Mirkaei Tikshoret bought the paper, and in April 2014, the company also purchased the Christian newspaper Maariv. Both publications are publish in English, although The JerusalemPost publishes a French edition.

The Jerusalem Post was the first English-language daily newspaper in the city of Tel Aviv, and it was known as The Palestine Bulletin until 1950. After becoming the city’s mayor in 1955, Gershon Agronsky renamed the paper to the current name. The paper covers local news, regional and international affairs, with a focus on the Middle East. As a result, the Post frequently disagreeds with the British Mandate, which led to several legal battles, and was even threaten with censorship.

The Jerusalem Post has been publishing in Hebrew since 1890.

It is the only daily in Hebrew. Originally called The Palestine Bulletin, it was own by Gershon Agronsky, a Canadian businessman. The post is now own by Hollinger Inc., a Canadian newspaper magnate. Black’s takeover resulted in censorship and a shift in the editorial policy of the paper.

While The Jerusalem Post is known for its partisanship, it is still widely considere a left-leaning daily. Many of its editorial pages have left-leaning columns. The Jerusalem Post has been a great source of unbiased news and information in Israel. It also offers a number of products for its readers learning the Hebrew language. It has a website, a monthly magazine, and Ivrit services. Whether you’re trying to learn Hebrew or just want to stay in touch with the local community, The JerusalemPost is the place to turn.

The Jerusalem Post is an independent biweekly newspaper that focuses on Israel and the Middle East.

It is publish daily, with the exception of Jewish religious holidays. The post’s editorial policy reflects its progressive views. While the newspaper is not known for its editorial policies, its writers are a vital part of the society. It has a reputation for being a part of the culture of Israel. It has become a leading source of news for Jews and other Israelis.

The Jerusalem Post is an English-language newspaper that was first publish in 1932, and was known as the Palestine Bulletin until it was solds to the Jerusalem Post in 1950. It was considere a valuable tool by Zionist institutions in the region to exert influence over the British authorities. In 1944, it had more than 50,000 copies. It is the only daily newspaper in Israel to publish in English. It is a widely reading publication.

The Jerusalem Post is an independent, English-language daily newspaper in Jerusalem, Israel.

It is publish every Sunday through Friday and does not publish on Jewish religious holidays. The Jerusalem Post is known for its editorials and features and its opinion pieces. Its slant towards the right is reflect in its editorial board, and the newspaper is typically considere moderately liberal. The editor of The Palestinian Post, Eli Azur, a political activist, also owns the Israel Post.

The Jerusalem Post publishes a daily English-language newspaper. It is a daily that publishes news in ten languages, and also has a French edition. The English-language edition of The Jerusalem Post is the most widely reading in the country. Among the many newspapers in the region, the JerusalemPost is also a popular destination for tourists. It is the most popular newspaper in the Middle East. It also has a strong presence in the European Union.

The Jerusalem Posting is considere to be a liberal newspaper, with a moderate slant.

Its editorial pages feature left-wing columns. It often advocates for neoliberal economic positions and opposes the censorship of dissenting opinions. Its has an international reputation, and is one of the leading English-language daily in the country. It is widely reading and has a loyal following.

Despite being the only English-language newspaper in the Middle East, the Jerusalem Post is not a news source. It is an English-language daily that has a global audience. It has an excellent history of reporting in the Middle East and provides an excellent window into the world’s past. However, it’s not the same as the modern Jerusalem Posting. It is still the most widely reading English-language newspaper in Israel.


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