The Importance of Ground-Borne Vibration Monitoring During Construction

construction vibration monitoring

Construction is one of the most rewarding yet dangerous industries. After all, crews perform tasks using machinery, they often work at great heights, and they handle heavy materials. If not careful, a construction worker could sustain an injury caused by a fall, slip, or falling object. However, noise, which causes ground vibration, is another risk. This is where construction vibration monitoring comes into play.

Concerns of Vibrations Specific to the Construction Industry

As mentioned, construction crews often work with loud machinery and tools. Excessive noise comes from other things as well. That includes demolition, evacuation, blasting, pile-driving, and a host of other construction-related projects.

Take an old commercial building for example. The owner decided to have it demolished in preparation for a new structure. Along with blasting and other tasks, the construction company would bring in heavy equipment to move and haul away the debris. Not only is the incredibly loud noise distracting, but it also causes ground vibrations. This is where construction vibration monitoring helps.

Professional vibration monitoring services make it possible to identify any potential risks to adjacent structures. The owner of a nearby home or business doesn’t want their property damaged from ground vibrations. Even more importantly, they want to protect any residents and employees.

Benefits of Vibration Assessment Services

Vibration monitoring services offer several benefits. For one thing, an expert can detect ground-borne vibrations during construction projects. However, they perform assessments and monitoring. Overlooking this important step could lead to serious problems.

It’s essential to protect all adjacent structures. However, this becomes even more critical for vibration-sensitive buildings. Some examples of these include hospitals, laser surgical centers, research laboratories, and MRI medical facilities. Another concern is for historical structures due to their age and community value. In simple terms, taking advantage of vibration assessment services eliminates risks.


Staying compliant is another important reason for construction companies to rely on professional vibration assessment services. This ensures they’re in line with Canada’s current Building Code. This code requires construction companies to keep ground-borne vibrations within specific perimeters. That means there’s no guessing allowed.

Rather, this industry must have a solution for construction vibration monitoring so they’re 100 percent compliant. A reputable company that performs this specialized service focuses on two primary factors. The first is the frequency of the vibrations and the second, the peak particle velocity as defined by Canada’s Building Code.

Turn to a Trusted Source

We are leading source for vibration monitoring services in Canada, has extensive knowledge and experience in this area. We determine the “Zone of Vibration of Influence,” which applies to any structure near a construction site considered at risk. For a comprehensive assessment, contact us today.

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