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The Importance of a Back-Up Battery for a Garage Door Opener!

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Have you thought of getting a battery backup system for your garage door? If you do not already have a battery backup for your garage door opener, you should think about getting one. This is especially true if your home tends to experience power outages. However, the reasons why having a backup battery is a good idea might not be evident at first, so we will go over everything you need to know below.


Generators are both difficult to install and expensive to maintain. They often require combustible fuel, which can be dangerous to store in your garage. In addition, generators are typically built to provide power to many systems within your home, leading to circuit overload and malfunctioning appliances.

Battery backups are intended to serve as a fail-safe for a specific system, such as your garage door opener. Without utilizing any combustible fuel, you can charge battery backup systems from your existing power grid. Each battery backup has enough stored energy to power the system several times. 


When bad weather strikes, having a garage door opener battery backup can put homeowners at ease. If your house loses electricity, the emergency battery backup will take over and open and close your garage door with ease. Depending on the model, it can operate your door anywhere from 20 to 50 times, which should be more than enough until the power comes back. After that, the door will open and close at a slower rate than usual to save battery life, and it will turn off the work light on your garage door opener.

To make sure it works, remember to conduct a test. A battery backup is only useful if it keeps running when you need it the most. To ensure operation, check the battery backup function every six months or so. For example, open and close the door with standard power, then disconnect the garage door opener’s power cord from the outlet. To check that the opener operates, press the button on the wall control or the remote control. After you finish the test, reconnect the power cord to the wall outlet. 

Battery Life

Like any rechargeable battery, the backup is only suitable for a certain amount of time until you need to recharge it. It can take about 4.5 hours or longer to fully charge a battery. One charge is enough to operate the door around 20 times or more. Depending on the model of garage door opener you have, the battery will be situated in or near the motor housing. The backup battery will also be connected to the safety reverse system, allowing it to function even if the main power goes out.

Battery backup systems are low-maintenance and can last many years without upkeep. The cable connected to your garage door opener can charge the battery system for you. There are no parts to maintain or fuel after you install it. Depending on the model of your battery, you can be notified by beeping or a flashing light when it’s time to replace it.

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