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The Four Pillars of Destiny: A Quick Explanation

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Spirituality is well known for being able to help people out during difficult times in their lives. It can also help people stay grounded while moving forward. For those who are unfamiliar, the four pillars of destiny can also provide much-needed guidance. Not quite sure what these are? Let’s explore everything you need to know.

What Are the Four Pillars of Destiny?

This philosophy aims to provide astrological predictions based on the year, month, day, and hour of your birth.

As you might guess, there’s a large number of different combinations when it comes to the results you experience. Each pillar is made up of a “heavenly stem” and an “earthly branch.”

These factors refer to the magnitude of the elemental force at play and how it is expressed. By calculating the stems and branches associated with your birth, will be able to learn what element and type of energy your birth is surrounded by. These are chosen from the five classic Chinese elements:

  • Fire
  • Wood
  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Water

The type of energy is either positive or negative, as well. These are known as yin and yang, respectively.

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The Year Pillar

This aspect of Chinese astrology predictions includes the element of your birth year’s heavenly stem.

It also includes the zodiac sign, which is essentially how the earthly branch manifests. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you will share the same values with a large number of other people.

The Month Pillar

Your inner qualities and attributes are associated with the month pillar.

However, these characteristics tend to become more prominent over time. It’s not uncommon for people to slowly view these attributes come into play as they age and progress in their spiritual journey.

The Day Pillar

In general, the day pillars are the most significant out of the four. This helps determine your core personality and who you are as an individual. It could even help you determine your ideal career path.

It could also predict that what point in your life you could be considered to be in your prime. Similar to the month pillar, these characteristics may not begin to manifest until you are much older. So, don’t be alarmed if they don’t all immediately apply to you at the moment.

The Hour Pillar

Finally, the hour pillar represents your subconscious. In fact, many people may not even be aware of their true inner self.

During times of challenge, under extreme stress, or when you are surprised, you might find that your natural self manifests on its own. For many people, this can be highly uncomfortable. This is particularly true if you do not have a strong awareness of your inner self.

The Four Pillars of Destiny Can Be Life-Changing

As long as you understand them, you’ll be able to determine the impact they have on your life. So, be sure to keep the above guide about the four pillars of destiny in mind so that you can develop a deeper understanding of yourself.

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