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The Essentials of Men’s Modest Clothing for Islamic Men

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Islam is amongst the most followed religion in the world. It has been a highly appreciated religion because its believers follow the principles strictly. Islamic principles are not highly distinctive from other religion’s principles, but the strictness makes them different from other religions. Similarly, Islamic clothing is also a part of their principles. Islamic men and women have different dressing styles than people from other religions. Generally, Islamic women wear hijab accessories, abaya, and other dresses. While Islamic men have a different style. The Islamic men wardrobes usually consist of these basic items of clothes:


Kameez or loose shirts are an essential part of Islamic men’s wardrobe. Whether formal, casual, or traditional occasion, these shirts can be worn at any moment. Islamic men pair these loose shirts with trousers, pants, and other bottom wears.


Another occasional, as well as casual item of clothing in Islamic men’s wardrobe are kurtas. These extend to the knees and are suitable for traditional events and occasions. Kurtas are paired with loose bottom wear and pants.


Thobe, also known as dishdasha, is a common Islamic outfit for men. This type of dress extends to the ankles of the wearer and has long sleeves. Generally, a thobe is worn by Islamic men in a sports event or any other event where they need to do a physical workout.

Gahfiya and Gutra:

Usually, Islamic mens wrap a piece of cloth around their shoulders. The square piece of cloth folded into the shape of a triangle is known as Gutra, and to keep Gutra at its place, Islamic men use a knit cap known as Gahfiya. Normally, the colour and pattern of Gutra preferred by Islamic mens depend on the season and occasions. For instance, vibrant colours for winters and festivals.

Islamic mens modest clothing is different from other clothing. Therefore, to find the perfect Islamic men and women outfit, you must visit Boutique Nour Al Houda.

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