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The Essential Components of Commercial Lighting

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Commercial and industrial lighting all have different requirements in terms of wires, fuses, conduits, and other factors. The energy requirements and lighting requirements vary substantially, commercial electrical services bring challenges different from those of industrial lighting.

To deliver the relevant amount of lighting at a reasonable cost. A commercial lighting system needs several elements intended to create good lighting throughout the establishment day and night.

Commercial Lighting Considerations

In a commercial setting, the lighting system needs to provide adequate. Comfortable lighting all of the time in the public areas of the establishment. Restaurants may want mood lighting that has lower energy demands. Businesses with plenty of natural light may need less artificial lighting.

The type and level of artificial illumination vary with several factors. Which can affect the type and number of fixtures to location needs. Retail establishments might have more lighting on the sales floor. A little less in the restrooms and even less in the stock room.

Lighting controls may work differently from an industrial establishment. The business owner may want the capability to turn off all or most lights from a central location. The business owner may want the option to turn off some lights on the sales floor. A 24-hour operation, like a factory that operates 24 hours a day will need a system. That provides adequate illumination all the time.

Fixture Options

Which incandescent bulbs going away, fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent bulbs, and compact LED bulbs are very much in demand. Fluorescent bulbs are popular due to being cheap and offering adequate light for many applications. LED bulbs are close to becoming the industry standard because they combine energy efficiency, long life, and pleasant light. They have the disadvantage of being more expensive.

Commercial Lighting is Our Specialty

If you have a commercial or industrial space that needs lighting or a lighting upgrade. Contact us today to discuss your project and get an estimate. Our industrial and commercial electric company has successfully completed dozens of projects.


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