The Easiest Things to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Walking Your Dog

Are heavy rains and winter storms keeping you and your pup from taking your daily walks?

Luckily, there are ways both of you can get the exercise you need without developing cabin fever.

You know the phrase, a tired dog is a good dog. Learning at-home alternatives to outdoor exercise will also prevent your dog from chewing up the couch, getting into the garbage, and other behaviors that result from lack of exercise.

Take note of these clever indoor alternatives to walking your dog.

Dog Walking Alternatives: Create an Indoor Obstacle Course

It’s raining again but your dog wants to play. Why not turn an empty room into an obstacle course? You can also clear away furniture in your living room to create a large play area.

Prepare in advance for rainy days by purchasing obstacle course toys from a local pet store or online shop. These supplies are also called agility toys.

Start with an agility tube. These tubes (or tunnels) are made from lightweight materials and are easy to set up.

You can also buy standing poles, encouraging your dog to weave in and out like a slalom.

Is your dog a jumper?

Consider buying a standing ring (or loop) to keep them busy. This is a better alternative to them jumping on the couch.

These ideas work best with the dog treat method. Treats encourage dogs to engage with the obstacle course. First, give your dog a treat to get them to engage with the course, then, reward them with a treat after completing a step.

You can also use these ideas as a springboard to better training! They’re especially helpful when potty training a new puppy. Learn how to buy these dog grass pads (or other alternatives) when creating your puppy-friendly obstacle course.

Play Catch When You can’t Give Your Dog Exercise Outside

Playing catch isn’t just for outdoors.

Similar to the obstacle course idea, clear a large room or living room to make enough space for playing catch with your dog. However, instead of a tennis ball, invest in a soft foam ball that won’t damage any valuables or leave scuff marks on the wall.

Plastic wiffle balls are another alternative. Plus, some lightweight ball games come with handheld contraptions that make it easier to throw the ball.

Do you have a garage?

Even better!

Garages offer ideal alternatives to dog walking on rainy days. Make sure to clear away any furniture, objects, and fixtures that can topple over. You can also lay down padded mats on the floor to make it easier on yourself and your pup.

Doggy Playdates Indoors: An Alternative to Daily Dog Walking

Garages are also perfect for indoor doggy playdates. Plus, your dog (and their besties) can still enjoy their much-needed social time. Socialization is integral to your dog’s good temperament.

In fact, you could create (and lead!) a doggy playdate group and come to the rescue on rainy days.

When dogs are cooped up too much indoors they’ll start to develop behavioral changes. Plus, consistent socializing greatly reduces the risk of aggressiveness which is vital for owners, dogs, and overall safety.

Worried About the Effects of Not Walking Your Dog?

Don’t wait and see whether your dog will destroy the house. There are plenty of alternatives to walking your dog during rainy days, snowstorms, and even oppressive heat waves.

Keep these tips handy, and consider forming a dog playdate group for these occasions.

Check out the blog for more tips and tricks!

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