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The Different Women Athleisure Styles

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The fitness industry is flourishing in every aspect. Be it the people who take up fitness as a lifestyle or the people investing in fitness equipment or maybe people spending their money on fitness clothing. Today, we can easily find people enrolled in either a dance class or a yoga class or a gym. 

Fitness should be every individual’s part of life irrespective of any backgrounds or gender. This understanding is being developed in the population steadily making women more active in building their fitness routines.

Women, fitness and clothing is a combination that is unmatched. Like every other attire, women also have immense variety in workout gears. Women fitness clothing range is vast. With so many colours, designs, fabrics and fittings, the options available are humongous.

Women athleisure has several types of clothing pieces such as:

  • Tops – The most common kind of clothing which is easily available is tops. This is the one design that can be found in most of the wardrobes. While it is the most widely used attire, there are still so many colours, prints and designs available in tops that each piece looks different.
  • Tank Tops -This is a style of the top that is considered very comfortable while working out. The sleeveless style is the go-to option for every woman who is in a mood to work hard to sweat the extra kilos. The tank tops are so appealing in terms of the look that one can find women wearing these tops even when they are not working out by clubbing them with a pair of denims.
  • Long-sleeved shirts – The style that suits all weathers is long-sleeved shirts. These are made of breathable fabrics making them a suitable option for summers. Being long-sleeved, this style can be chosen in cold weather so that you do not have to wear multiple layers. Like other women athleisure, this style too is available in several colours and designs which make it a good choice of clothing.
  • Racerbacks – Similar to a tank top, this style has a thin ‘T’ shaped back. The thin back makes movements easy. Racerbacks are a must when you are planning to work on your arms and shoulders. The comfort of this shape makes working on the upper body a bit easier. 
  • Sweatpants – This is the bottom wear that you will love. The loose-fitting sweatpants make it a go-to option throughout the day. This style of athleisure bottoms are most suited for yoga, walks or jogging. Since the sweatpants are made of stretchable materials, it makes them well suited for activities that involve a range of motion.
  • Sweat Shorts – Sweat shorts are the love of the life for women hitting the gym on legs day. The fabric and style are the best for exercises that involve jumping, sitting and so much more. Lunges, squats, etc become a tad bit easy when done in sweat shorts. Moreover, this piece of clothing dries almost instantly, so there is no stress of it drying quickly.
  • Bermuda Shorts – If you are a cyclist or a runner then this style is made for you. The Bermuda shorts are not absolutely tight and not completely loose making them a better option for almost all the exercises. The length of this piece is what makes a person fall in love with it.
  • Leggings – The attire that you need when working on flexibility is none other than leggings. Being extremely stretchable, pairs of leggings are well suited for a high range of motion. These are perfect for sports as well as for physically strenuous exercises.
  • Capri Pants – The calf-length bottom wear which looks absolutely stylish is capri pants. A go-to option for a summer day exercise routine. This style is made of spandex, a material that is light as well as stretchable. It can be an option when you are going for pilates or HIIT workout.

The number of different types of gym apparel available for women is clearly a major attraction. All these are pieces that are comfortable, stylish and affordable. With so many options one can safely say that exercising can be fun when one gets to wear such diverse styles. Now that we are aware of the variety of designs available with respect to women fitness clothing, the question is where to find such options. Well, all you need to do is search for brands that are manufacturing or selling fitness clothing exclusively. These are the places where one can easily find diverse options to choose from, making the experience of athleisure shopping a wholesome one.  


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