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The Difference Between Managed IT Services and Break/Fix Services

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The choice of an IT support service is a difficult decision, and many small businesses find themselves choosing between break/fix services or managed ones. These two approaches have very different characteristics that may be appealing depending on your current needs; however it pays to know what they are beforehand so you can make informed decisions about which one best suits those wants!
Managed ICT (Information Technology) comes in both full-time staff model as well as contractor based arrangements with greater flexibility over manpower requirements at any given time – especially during peak periods where demand exceeds supply

Break/fix IT services are a cost-effective way to keep your business running smoothly.

Break fix technicians will come in and diagnose any problems with the networks, servers or desktop computers at an affordable price per hour rate that includes parts and labor for hardware as well as software issues such has virus removal without needing someone on site all day long!
The name implies these professionals only interact when there’s been some kind of breakdown but this isn’t always true – sometimes they’re called upon before you realize something is wrong so be sure not miss out by asking them about their visit policy upfront: Will I incur charges if it turns out my internet connection needs fixing? How often do visits happen?”

Repairing a trusted computer repair service that provides the best in town is imperative for any business looking to maintain its image. Whether you need hardware break fix or software installation, IT support and training services; we have what it takes!


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