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The Best Way to Optimize for Google Lens

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Simply shoot and search! It is the reality of the latest technology that is making more people glued to their smartphones. While Google initially emphasized on mobile searches because they accounted for over 50% of all searches, they have become even more important as the age of AI (artificial intelligence) finally beckons. Now, after many years of redefining and testing its artificial intelligence tools and systems, Google finally has the Google Lens.

Google Lens is an app that allows the user to snap photos and get all the info about them. The unique thing about the new system is that your smartphone will not simply see the image, but will understand more and assist you to take the right action. This new search method is causing a lot of disruption to the conventional keyword searches on search engines, content marketing, and social media.

Preparing your site for Google Lens

Artificial intelligence technologies are not simply testing the viability of search market, but are already here and will define the next generation of SEO Singapore. Therefore, it is prudent to get prepared and ensure that your efforts are not outdated. To agree with most SEO experts, integrating AI into your campaigns is not an option today. It is prudent that websites make their information available and clear for Google Lens and others such as Pinterest Lens.

  • Get a strong logo for your brand

Because Google Lens works by pulling info about the captured image, you have to get it right on the logo. It is also important that you perfect the signage and every non-product component of your business. For example, a garage should ensure that the branding on the outside is perfectly done.

  • Ensure the alt tags are properly done

Every meta data of a website should be carefully done with details in alt tags for photos, anchor texts, pictures, and neighboring photos. This will make it easier for Google to understand and pull out your brand details easily. 

  • Optimize the website’s Exif data

Exif data is the image details that include geo-coordinates, the date when the image was taken, image size, and other details. Optimizing this data makes it easier for Google Lens to generate the details for all related searches. 

  • Utilize popular search for better visual identity:

Just like the common SEO strategy, you have to work towards building a strong visual identity. You must carry comprehensive keyword research so that the details can appear on every related search. This will be critical in raising your visibility, click-through rates, and conversions.

  • Perfect your website’s technical SEO

AI optimization must be looked like an extension of the website’s operations. Therefore, you need to ensure that all aspects of your technical SEO are working well. You should particularly check the website speed, broken links, and redirects.


One thing that every marketer must understand is that digital marketing in Singapore is headed away from the mouse and keyboard. The vision based computing through smartphones will take the search and entire digital marketing to a whole new level. You can only ignore AI optimization at your own peril.


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