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The Best Way To Clean Your Bird Cage

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Birds are excellent at cleaning themselves but they’re not so good at keeping their cages clean. There are ways to make cleaning out the cage easier and by following our guide, you will keep your bird’s cage clean without risking the health of your pet


Make Sure Your Bird Is Comfortable

Birds can be very territorial and allowing them to watch while you clean their cage gives them comfort and it builds trust. Before getting to work cleaning out the cage, put your bird somewhere safe and comfortable in sight of their home.

Choose The Correct Cleaner And Disinfectant

You want to have peace of mind that the cleaner you use is effective whilst also being safe for your pet, for your family and for the environment. Using an enzymatic cleaner will eliminate these worries as they are eco friendly and kill 99.9999% of all germs and viruses that live in your bird’s home. PetLab’s Healthy Habitat Antibacterial Spray both cleans and disinfects and is completely eco-friendly. 

Rinse Then Scrub And Rinse Again

This may seem obvious but to properly clean the birdcage it must be first rinsed, then scrubbed and finally rinsed again. The first rinsing will remove dirt from pen bars but won’t be effective with grime on the cage’s floor, especially in the corners. Once you’ve completed the first rinse, scrub the floor and bars of the cage with the cleaner, using a toothbrush to reach more difficult nooks and crannies. Finally rinse it again to get rid of any remaining dirt. If convenient, it will be better to use your shower or garden hose, as the pressure of the water will give a much better rinse. 

Clean Accessories

Once the job of cleaning the cage itself is done, you can now clean the accessories. It is best to clean these with an enzymatic cleaner as the accessories are what your bird touches and uses the most. Keeping the accessories clean will protect your bird from germs and viruses and stop the cage being infested with small insects and flies that can potentially harm your feathered friend.

Line The Birdcage

When reassembling your birdcage, you should put a lining down on the surface. There are many different options for this but using paper is one of the easiest and most effective as you’ll be able to inspect your pet’s droppings to ensure he/she is in good health. 

Don’t Overfill Food Bowls

As clever as birds can be, it doesn’t extend to their table manners and any bird owner will notice there’s often more food on the floor of the cage than in the food bowl. Spillage can’t be completely prevented; however, by only filling the bowl halfway, it will prevent most of the food falling to the floor as the bird feeds. This will make cleaning easier and prevent insects and flies gathering inside the cage. 

Clean Often!

By following the above steps you’ll keep your bird’s home clean and comfortable for them. It is important to do this often, not only to stop dirt building up and making your job easier, but also for the health and safety of the bird.


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