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The best time to visit Harare, Zimbabwe

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While there are several times a year to settle, January is seen as the time to fly to Harare. However, it is possible to insist on good deals throughout the year. October is one of the hottest periods in Harare, so if you are looking for sun or warm weather, then try to fly around this point. It’s December if you want to carry out your plan.

Harare can be a pleasant destination with a mild climate throughout the year. You will find fine works of art and crafts, as well as unusual restaurants serving traditional and international dishes.

Zimbabwe is known for its arts and crafts, so the National Gallery, located in the Harare Garden, hosts a monthly exhibition featuring African and contemporary works. Here you will find photographs, wood carvings, stone sculptures, more different collections of paintings. Attached to the novelty shop, it also sells Zimbabwean arts and crafts and books.

In Harare, try some of Zimbabwe’s authentic cuisines, including standard cornmeal.

Mbare market attracts adventurous tourists. The various items sold here range from shawl sculptures, masks, and woven baskets to locally grown vegetables and fresh produce. Here you will mingle with Zimbabwe’s people and learn more about their different customs, cultures, and traditions.

If you live in the city in August, you must attend the Zimbabwe International Film Festival (ZIFF). This program lasts for 10 days.

Best time to fly to Harare

Harare’s highest altitudes are in April and October, which is why the weather is dry during this period. Note that temperatures rise significantly between September and October. Spring can be a great time to visit, as Harare hosts various festivals, including the International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) and the Harare Festival in April, and the Boulev Music Festival in May.

Harare and hotel accommodation are cheaper in November and March. The weather here is hot, though you’ll have a great deal of low-activity rain. This is the perfect choice for a destination, especially during the Christmas holidays.

Going around Harare

Only a few buses are available for tourists or locals visiting the city. Therefore, most people believe in taxis. It’s easy to find private taxis outside of big hotels. The cab stands in rows, primarily on Street, Mandela Avenue, Union Avenue, and Samurai Mitchell Avenue.

How do I find cheap flights to Harare?

On Outlook Travel, you will get cheap flights to Harare. Our offerings result from a mix of different technologies, machine learning algorithms and real searches that our customers create in our platform, so you will have a choice that will suit your needs while flying to Harare.

When is the easiest time to book a flight to Harare?

The top month to get flights to Harare in July, which has endorsed our outlook travel UK customers. Then the hottest booking period for Harare flights in October. Third place: August. By this, we mean that when passengers book their tickets. For the easiest time to really see Harare, read on.

Which airlines fly from the UK to Harare?

Direct flights from the United Kingdom to Harare include: Ethiopian Airlines, which flies from London and Manchester to Harare – Kenya Airways, which also has flights from London and Manchester to Birmingham – Harare – Virgin Atlantic There are flights from London to Harare.

Aberdeen direct flights from Guernsey and United Kingdom to Harare include Kenya Airways, which flies from London and Birmingham, and Manchester – with Ethiopian Airlines, Harare Plus Island of Man from London and Manchester – British Airways flights. There are flights from London and Manchester as well as Jersey to Harare.

How long should I stay on the flight to Harare before going to the airport?

If you wish to arrive on time for your flight to Harare, confirm at the airport at least two to three hours in advance. Check-ins, security controls, customs and boarding the plane may take some time. At Outlook Travel, you will find the easiest deals for cheap flights to Harare departing from more than fifty cities and choose between a range of services that will improve the airport’s time and provide better travel, such as priority boarding and additional baggage.

When you book your flight to Harare on outlook travel for added convenience, you will also add insurance or choose a return fare and travel without any hassle!

What is the name of Harare Airport?

Robert Gabriel Mugabe Airport operates flights to domestic and international destinations within 50 cities, such as London, Johannesburg and Manchester, the most popular routes.

How far is Harare Airport from the city centre?

Harare Airport Robert Gabriel Mugabe Airport is found 7 miles from the city centre.

What is the ratio of travel from the airport to Harare city centre?

By public transport: The cost of this trip is 0.61 GBP per person. By Taxi: If you have a large budget and want a taxi from Robert Gabriel Mugabe Airport, for example, the average fare for a ride to Harare Center is 4.04 GBP per km. By Car: For greater convenience and freedom during your stay, Opodo has an easy car rental offer in Harare. Choose the type of car of your choice and arrive at Harare city centre from Robert Gabriel Mugabe Airport on your own terms.

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