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Goa is the best thing to do from parties to lounging on the beach. The Goa, which is known as the Party State of India, has a distinct, laid-back atmosphere that matches with its spacious beaches. Whether you’re looking to party on the beach for days, read in a lonely hammock and eat the best seafood in India, Goa is the place. However, this brisk state is also one that is only scratched by most visitors on a regular basis. This is profoundly historical; here were found some of India’s earliest traces of human life. Goa has been the host of several empires over the last few millennia – Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, and eventually Portuguese – whose remains can be found at its many heritage sites.


1. Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar is Goa’s highest waterfall with a height of 310 metres and literally translates to sea milk. In the West Ghat Mountains, not too far away from the state border of nearby Karnataka, the three-stream, quatre-tiered natural wonder is nestled in a deep place.


Dudhsagar lies amid dense forests rich in rare flora and fauna, and is the most popular tourist destination for medium-to-high-level trekkers in South India. You can also ski the trek and visit the Goa area on a car over palm tree-lined beaches for a dose of topography.


2. Basilica of Bom Jesus

The most well known among the Goa churches is the Basilica of Bom Jesus, which was built in 1605. It is mostly famous as the “Apostle of the Indes,” revered among Roman Catholics all over the world, for having the mortal remains of St. Francy Xavier.


It is a World Heritage site of UNESCO and a great reminder of the rich religious traditions of Goa. The basilica has an ornate central altar and several spectacularly decorated statues, doors and columns, which is particularly popular for its architecture. There is also indoors a modern gallery of art with paintings from more than 30 late 20th century.


3. Sahakari Spice Farm


This luxurious green plantation spreads over 130 acres and contains an impressive array of spices, fruits, medicinal trees and herbs.


Sahakari is bordered by a seemingly endless line of Indian seeds, including peat, cardamom, musk, and cinnamon, and a decent selection of fruits such as papaya and jackfruit. You will learn about their nutritionality and even have a few samples picked and tasted. Enjoy a delicious meal that uses the best spices for the day at the restaurant on site.


4. Artjuna Garden Café and Lifestyle Shop


This café specialising in healthy food is housed in a former Portuguese villa and features an extensive garden of hammocks and mango trees. The attached lifestyle shop offers handmade gems and a range of interesting souvenirs.


Artjuna is the kind of laid back and good space for many people. It is ideal if you want a community; Artjuna always attracts fun crowds with movie nights and other fun activities. It’s also an excellent place where you can relax alone with a green smoothie and book, which you can buy from your own library.


5. Ashiyana Yoga Centre

This yoga retreat centre is located on the peaceful Mandrem beach, and provides a wide array of short and long term yoga holidays. Ayurvedic spa and luxury accommodation are also available.


Something’s here for everybody. Drop-in yoga courses cater to beginner and advanced practitioners alike, while detox and Ayurvedic therapy are some of the most diverse in Goa.


6. Fontainhas


Fontainhas is the oldest well-maintained Portuguese neighbourhood in Goa. A UNESCO certified historical area, it has narrow streets running from the 18th to the 9th centuries between colourful Portuguese villas.


A walk across this area is a key Goa experience. Built in 1880, St. Sebastian’s Chapel represents a great place to pause, reflect and snap some unspoilt shots.


7. Vagator Beach


For those who like some peace, but not isolation, a beach.


Vagator makes it a pleasant beach to stay an afternoon, although not exactly deserted (or even a few days). Sunshades and loungers will bring food and drink to you directly if you wish. The shore and restaurant personnel. Other tourists are also here, but this beach isn’t a wild party. In the vicinity of Chapora Fort, you can do a little sightseeing.


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