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The Best Sofa Cleaning Services of 2021 – You Need To Hire

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With so many sofa cleaning companies and services available, it can be difficult to know which service and company is the right fit for you. Carbonation cleaning, hot water extraction, and dry cleaning are some of the best sofa cleaning services of 2021. A professional sofa cleaning company can help you determine which is right for you.

The best sofa cleaning services

The best type of sofa cleaning service for you will depend on several factors including soil level and type of fabric. Based on these factors, services such as carbonation cleaning, hot water extraction, dry cleaning, and leather cleaning may be selected to get your sofa looking brand new.

Hot Water Extraction

As the same suggests, hot water extraction involves heating a mixture of water and cleaning solution to a high temperature, and then using this hot water to extract dirt and stains. This solution is highly pressurized, allowing it to pressure wash the stains from your upholstery much like you’d pressure wash your vehicle at the car wash.

Most hot water extraction equipment also has a vacuum feature that allows the hot water (and stains) to be sucked back. This helps your upholstery to dry faster and prevents mold and mildew from forming.

Carbonation Cleaning

Like hot water extraction, carbonation cleaning uses hot water. The difference between these approaches is that carbonation needs much less moisture, resulting in a quicker drying time.

Carbonation cleans your sofa by using a solution of millions of microscopic bubbles. These bubbles expertly agitate dirt particles. When they pop, they release carbonation, which then brings the dirt up to the surface.

In addition to significantly speeding up the drying time, carbonation does not use harsh chemicals, detergents, or soaps, making it a safer choice than traditional cleaning methods.

Dry Cleaning

While hot water extraction and carbonation cleaning are two of the most effective sofa cleaning services available today, they’re not appropriate for all furniture. Some sofas are upholstered with more delicate materials, such as microsuede, that may be damaged by moisture.

To clean delicate upholstery, dry cleaning solvent may be applied. After application, this solvent is removed and a dryer is used to ensure the fabric does not retain any moisture.

Though safe for delicate sofas, this method is not as effective as carbonation cleaning and hot water extraction. Heavily soiled areas may not come completely clean, but a dry cleaning service will nonetheless improve the appearance of stains considerably.

Leather Cleaning

Though leather is less permeable than many fabrics used in sofa upholstery, leather needs to be regularly cleaned as well.

Not only will leather cleaning remove oils, dust, and dirt, but it will also nourish the leather and improve the look of your sofa. Minor scratches and scuffs can also be repaired. Regular leather cleaning can significantly improve the lifespan of your furniture as well.

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