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The Best Shopping in Chicago

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Chicago is known for a lot: and shopping should be at the top of its list. So many great companies have tentpole locations in Chicago and are proud of the sales and fun they offer within these locations.

Whether you’re shopping for luxury brand bags or you want to snag a great deal on makeup, Michigan Avenue is where you need to go in Chicago!

Why Michigan Ave?

Michigan Avenue is a perfectly placed street that allows for easy access from all over the city, views of Lake Michigan, and an exciting and trendy atmosphere. Offering various shops, delicious restaurants, and fun entertainment, this is the best street to hit.

What Stores Are Here?

Starting at the Shops At Northbridge mall, you can find mall after mall of high-end shopping.

What if I Want Bargains?

Most of these malls have discounted and less expensive shops as well! Although these are on higher floors, meaning you have to hunt them down, you can still get discounts.

What Should I Wear?

You don’t have to be high class to shop high style! Try to wear something simple and elegant; all-black is always a favorite. Paired with this: ensure that your shoes are comfortable. You may feel tempted to pull out your favorite boots to show you have style, but this could be a huge mistake. You’ll be getting a lot of walking in, so ensure that your shoes are comfortable and can handle them.

How Long Should I Plan For?

If you’re shopping on Michigan Avenue, it’s a good idea to plan for a full day of fun. Multiple malls, single-standing shops, and parks along this street make it an incredible place to spend a day shopping. You can easily spend a half-day and then look at Chicago houses for sale so that you can come back more often.

Is There Food On Michigan Ave?

Yes! There are countless restaurants. In each shopping mall, you can find anything from small local restaurants to famous chains like the Cheesecake Factory. Keeping hydrated while you’re running around and shopping is essential, so make sure you plan and drink lots of water! The best thing to do is plan and break your day into where you’ll be for each meal, with water breaks along the way.


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