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The Best Paying Careers To Choose In Technology

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Technology is a rapidly growing industry, which comes as no surprise when considering technology is taking over almost every element of our daily lives. And it doesn’t stop there; the tech industry is also devouring other sectors in its growth, rendering countless professions obsolete and irrelevant.

As a result, there’s no better industry to choose from if you’re in the middle of selecting a career path. Moreover, the University of Huddersfield is an excellent choice for anyone hoping to enter the tech industry.

That said, we’ve listed the top-paying tech careers.

Data Science

Data scientists rank among the highest-paying professionals around the globe. These professionals work in various industries as well, and opportunities are plentiful. With enormous growing demand, you’ll never find yourself without an income if you choose data science.

You’ll need to learn to code in Python and SAS and learn a few other analytical skills. But even so, top students can find themselves achieving relevant qualifications within six months. Despite the fact that data science is one of the hottest jobs of the 21st century, you won’t need to devote too much time to getting qualified.

IoT Solutions Architect

An Internet of Things solutions architect is a leadership role that pays really well. These professionals need strong programming skills, machine learning qualifications, and vast knowledge of hardware.

Because this is a leadership role, you’ll need to earn relevant qualifications and then gain experience to earn the position eventually.

Big Data Engineer

Big data engineers take home handsome annual incomes as well. If you choose this profession, you’ll need to understand Spark, Hadoop, and various data warehousing technologies. You’ll also need data visualization skills and superb communication qualities.

Big data engineers are tasked with planning, designing, and managing the entire cycle of significant developments in big data applications.

Software Architect

Software architects are responsible for optimizing and developing tools and programs. As a software architect, part of your role is to identify client requests and then perform relevant work to develop the prototypes.

You’ll need qualifications for data modeling. But you’ll also need strong programming and analytical skills.

Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain engineers are relatively new to the tech world, although there are enormous growth expectations for these professionals.

Blockchain engineers specialize in the development and implementation of blockchain technology. Of course, you’ll need solid programming and analytical skills. You must also understand Ripple, Ethereum, and other blockchain technologies.

The average incomes for these tech professionals range from $100,000 to $200,000 on average. However, your salary won’t cap there; tech professionals are among the highest-paid worldwide and across all industries.

Nevertheless, when it comes to choosing a career in tech, it’s worthwhile to research each avenue thoroughly to determine which appeals most to you. Next, you’ll need to enroll in a relevant course. While you can obtain degrees in tech fields, it’s also possible to land a high-paying job in the tech industry with short courses and viable application skills. But even so, it’s still worthwhile to pursue a degree, specifically because professionals with degrees take home higher salaries.


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