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The best fashion hacks 101: A personalized guide to all things that are in trend!

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Ever wondered what to add to the shopping cart next? Here’s a go-to guide that will sort all queries and hesitations. We have all made the mistake of ordering something that we do not like or a product that is not currently in the trend out of impulse. This carefully curated guide will help all of us prevent just that. Doing thorough background research before buying clothing items or any products is highly mandatory. Otherwise, it is most likely that people will end up buying clothing items and fashion accessories that are neither in trend nor are necessary. But in a busy schedule, who has the time to spend hours researching what to buy and where to buy it. Yet, at the same time, everyone does want to look good. How can someone manage both? This article has just the solution! Here is the latest trending clothing item: knit sweater

Let us talk about knitted sweaters – the trendiest clothing of 2021! 

This is the sweater that is in an all-time high demand and is everyone’s favourite. People absolutely love this type of sweater. These types of sweaters are casual, and they seem effortless. Yet they look very classy and stylish. Not to forget, they are very comfortable and can be worn around any time. These knitted sweaters can be suitable for all occasions. Whether someone is picking up and shopping for groceries or heading to a picnic with friends, this sweater makes everything more stylish and easier. These sweaters are a piece of cloth or a garment created by stitching interwoven loops of yarn or thread together in rows. Knitwear and cardigans can suit people and their clothing throughout all seasons. It can never run out of style. It has you covered all year round. 

How to style a knitted sweater? 

The assortment of various knitted sweaters can keep everyone cosy and stylish around the clock, whether they’re relaxing at home or looking to improve their levels of comfort when out and about. This season, Peppermayo’s knit sweater collection is a must-have collection; pair it with jeans and a basic blouse for an effortlessly elegant look. Companies also offer thick and lightweight knitted sweaters in all classic styles, including V-necks, polo necks, turtle necks, and more.

  1. Go monochrome: Wear a thick grey sweater tucked into a lighter shade of skirt to balance comfort and elegance. The most appealing feature of the knits and sweaters is their versatility, which allows people to wear them anywhere from home to work. The finishing look is very professional and comfortable. Another way to wear a lightweight, soft grey sweater is with a grey wraparound mini skirt. This look is chic and effortless! 
  1. Add bright colours: With a wide-brim fedora, matte black skinny jeans, and a statement black leather handbag, an oversized voluminous mustard pullover looks stunning! The outfit is suitable for anywhere from visiting friends to visiting a library. 
  1. Wear the cardigans with skirts: Wear a relaxed fit mini skirt with a light blush chunky sweater. This is the new go-to style. Pair a light coloured cardigan with a dark colour skirt. The end look is a lazy day mood. It always does the trick. Are you looking for something more professional? Pair a cable-knit sweater with high-rise skirts. For example, a high-rise grey-green or a-line skirt can be tucked into a cable knit cream brown pullover. Another unpopular style that is now gaining much popularity is pairing monochrome sweaters with mini asymmetric skirts. The look is adorable!


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