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What’s The Best Building Material?

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For building constructions, engineers commonly go for many building materials like wood, bricks, cement, plaster of Paris, timber, concrete slabs, tiles, reinforced concrete, etc. But the best one for construction is steel as building material . Because of the properties and features of the material, the preference will first go for steel. There are many steel products used for building constructions that were manufactured by steel plants and were brought to the markets by Steel Dealers.

Steel products :

Steel is one of the best materials used for building constructions e=which make the building strong, decorative, attractive and perfect. It is not only used for building constructions but it is used to build the body of a car, train, ship etc. Megastructures like bridges., dams, roads were built with steel materials because they can bear extreme heaviness. the steel products used in construction are 

  1. Plates 
  2. Strips 
  3. Bars
  4. Beams 

The steel products are used for roofing, to make the building’s basement strong, to give support to the body of the building, give perfect shape to the construction, bear heavyweight, used as decorative material in the buildings from the minute part of construction to the bigger part of the construction was done with the steel products.

Steel manufacturers :

The companies or steel plants that produce steel products are called steel manufacturers. The steel plant which was maintained by the Indian government is SAIL [ Steel Authority of India ] which is the biggest and successful steel dealer. The company was highly familiar with their TMT bars that are popularly known as SAIL TMT Bar 

Those TMT bars are widely used in constructing buildings in low and mild seismic zones i.e earthquake zones. In simple words, they have a resistance to climatic calamities and geographical disasters. They are meant for superior load management that is used to build bridges and flyovers.

Another important steel product :

Mild steel plates are another important steel product widely used for all sorts of constructions. They are used because of their features like flexibility, unbreakableness. MS plates are used to give strength and support to the concrete cement in buildings. They are easily available in markets all over India, all sorts of steel dealers brought Ms plates to the market based on the demand. The price of MSplates is moreover the same. The MS plate price in chennai is the same as in other cities. 

This article commences on the steel products and highly comment that steel products are the best building material. 


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