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The Benefits of Having a Mobile LED Screen at your Outdoors Event

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Is digital signage set to become the next big solution for your business? It helps to draw interest and curiosity towards your business and increase your sales. The new generation of digital signage has evolved to include interactive features as well. This gives your business the localised value of a physical medium while allowing digital interactions that today’s modern audience looks forward to. As consumers are switching to a multiple-screen lifestyle, it is a good move to give your physical business communication a digital touch.

For this reason, several new businesses are turning to tech-based solutions. There are several options to choose from, but digital signage beats them all. Like other forms of technology, getting an LED screen for hire for your events has many advantages, which have grown over the years and are still evolving.

Benefits of Hiring an LED Screen for Events

1. Attention-grabbing display for viewers

Passers-by are drawn to a bright, dynamic digital screen in larger numbers than to a physical billboard thanks to the bright LED visual aid. This allows a viewer to recognise your content out of other advertising and communication pieces on display. A mobile LED display gives even greater flexibility.

2. Unique opportunities for content creation

There are several new content creation opportunities that you get with LED advertising. You can display multiple types of content at different times and shuffle messages through the course of the event or the day. For example, restaurant franchisees advertise hour-specific offers on such boards. This changes with the offer at the time. If you hire LED screens for events, you can have multiple advertisers’ content going on a single board. Multiple different messages can be given out at different times using rich media.

3. Take control of your message

When you as a marketer sponsor events and choose rich media displays, you can take control of the message you put out and exactly how people will view it. Take retail stores for example. They entice walk-in customers with flash sales and discounts, while week-long sales events are broadcasted around the clock for their duration.

4. Low maintenance medium

Digital signage doesn’t require too much maintenance after purchase and is damage resistant. If you consider a billboard, they are normally made of vinyl which gets damaged easily and requires regular maintenance. It is not hard to see why LED screens are becoming the more popular choice among advertisers and clients alike.

5. Higher ROI

While choosing a static billboard, businesses are required to bear the costs of production of vinyl as well as the flight costs, or the ad space rental in other words. On the other hand, digital billboards have zero production costs. The ads can easily be created digitally and then uploaded onto the digital billboard. This way, you get a higher return on investment for all your out-of-home advertising.

If used correctly, LED screens as a medium of advertising are beneficial to all types of businesses. They require the right blend of creativity, timing and placement for the best results.


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