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The Barcode Label Printing Company You Need to Know About

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Are you a company that requires a range of labels to be printed for your products? Are you in the market to purchase a small run barcode printer, as you will be printing labels on a daily basis and feel it would work out to be more cost-effective to do in-house? If you are someone who falls into one of these categories, then you are in luck because there is a company called Label Ales that is here to provide you with all of the above!

Label Ales is a Cape Town-based company

That has been serving the thermal printing and labels industry for over 16 years, and therefore have an extensive amount of experience in the field. These include things such as barcodes, labels, as well as overprinting of variable information like generic labels. In this day and age, it is much more cost effective to do printing in-house, especially in the food, wine and manufacturing industries. This is one of the reasons why Label Ales specialises in supplying barcode printers, as well as ribbons for a wide range of different applications. Other services offered by the company include extensive research and trials to determine the correct ribbon for different label substrates.

Not only does Label Ales have printers for sale

But the company also offers various services related to printing. They offer things such as printing trials. This is where they do extensive research to find the right ribbon for different label types. Such as Semi-Gloss, Matt, Polyprop, Dairy Film, and various other varnished label types.

The company also sells a wide variety of different styled printers that are all good for different applications. The company has printers that are able to print at high speeds (4 inches per second). Printers that are equipped with both parallel. As well as serial interfaces, and even easy loading and easy-to-use printers for the newbies!

If you would like to know more about the company. Browse through their wide range of printers or enquire about one of the several services they offer.

About Label Ales:

With over 16 years of experience in the thermal printing industry. Label Ales is here to provide the Cape Town region with barcode printers, and various different printing services. As well as overprinting of generic labels.


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