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The 7 Common Stereotypes When It Comes to LED TVs

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We all are pretty much familiar andaware with the idea of LED TV technology. LED simply means that it is a light-emitting diode (a semiconductor diode which glows when a voltage is applied to it). Even though it has been existing in the market for quite long since Sony, LG, Samsung, Ecostar and some other brands introduced the LED TVs and their target market has been quite responsive towards them, still there are some uncanny stereotypes attached to it.

Here, in this article, we will break those stereotypical conventions when purchasing the LED TVs, so it is easier for the customers to compartmentalize their choice as well as for the brands like TCL, Ecostar and Sony to associate a certain target market with brand association that will develop with trust and integrity.

  1. LED TV-a new category of televisions?

The conventional televisions, ones that we all have in our homes are called CCFLs-a cold cathode fluorescent lights are almost no longer existing in the market, almost dormant especially since the introduction of LED-backlit LCDs of Samsung that came into the main scene since 2007.

Therefore, the myth that LEDs are latest technology is not verifiable as they have been in the market for quite some time like TCL LED 32 inches, which is its perfect example.

  • Two LED light configurations in

In the start, LEDs had full array of back lights behind the LCD just like the classic CCFL used to have. But with modern technology and design advancement, the array of back lights was shifted to the sides of the display by the engineers and due to such arrangement of LEDs, the focus of lights is now inwards and such TVs are referred as ‘edge-light’ LCDs-the most common televisions available. Such are one of the best LEDs available in Pakistan, economically priced and readily obtainable.

  • Edge-lit TVs are very sleek, thus display is very clear

Edge-lit LEDs are very thin, sleek and look extremely modern in design, but one of the downside of such TVs is that the full array of back lighting isn’t very consistent and uniform. Display shows apparel of different shades of lights. For instance, with white light on the television, the display tends to become very flashy and bright. On the contrary, with black image on the screen, the sides of the edge-lit becomes greyish in colour- a circumstance that TCL LED TV 32 inches or TCL LED TV 55 inches don’t face any, as they are one of the best LEDs available in Pakistan.

  • LED backlighting will tend to get any better with time?

With technological revolution and modern advancement, the issue with backlights that Edge-lits are currently facing will eventually improve with time, as the sales are definitely effected due to it. Engineers and teams of developers are coming up with plans and practical strategies in which they will either full-array LED backlighting will be equivalent or surpasses such technology which is available in Ecostar 32 inches.

  • Higher price tag?

One fact that needs to be established is that non-LED models are cost efficient than LED-powered LCD TVs, which definitely cost a little more than the latter.

One of the best LEDs that are available in Pakistan are TCL LED TV 32 inches, TCL LED TV in 55 inches, TCL LED TV 43 inches, orient led tv price in Pakistan especially the one in 32 inches. Another one that has been not been in the market for a long time but also been the most in demand is 3D SMART LED TV. So, get your hands on one of the best television sets available in the market and live like luxury.

  • Picture settings, LED or non-LEDs?

This myth is actually based on almost 100 percent reality as having greatest and grandest television set in the world but with poor set-up of the visuals and audios, the experience wouldn’t be as one would expect. Therefore, great picture settings need to be the first priority while buying LEDs or non-LEDs otherwise the purchase will all go down the drain.

  • Size matters? Size matters.

One of the points to consider is that how big should the television set be in order to enjoy comfortable and perfect-to-the-eye view of the visuals in front of you. The classic way to measure this is that one has to, which is also a recommendation of experts of theatrical industry groups is that one has to measure their seating distance from the LED display in order to determine the ideal size of the television set in front of you.

In Ecostar 32 inches, for instance, one doesn’t feel that huge visuals are taking up the space in the room even in TCL’s 55 inches, its comfortable for the room or tv lounges.


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