The 5 Great Advantages Of Discipleship Course

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As Christians, we would all love to follow a path that leads us towards salvation and help us achieve eternal peace. We know it is something that will clear all our sins and deliver us the true success we want to have. And for achieving it, we just have to believe in it.

On one hand, there is salvation that sets us free and is a really popular topic but on the other hand, there is discipleship that also enables us to invite others toward this path. While one is a gift from the lord, the other cost you in terms of time as well as financial resources, and this cost is what scares us in many cases. However, we will discuss some of the benefits you can have through discipleship.

The Advantages Of Discipleship:

A disciple is defined as someone who is dedicated to learn and follow the teachings of Christ. He died for us and our sins, so it is our responsibility that we learn what he taught in his life in this world. By doing so, we keep him alive with us by practising his teaching, we in turn establish a society where these are followed. We can do so by indulging in the act of discipleship, an act that is costly but highly beneficial. Let’s discuss some of the benefits you can have from it.

Becoming Closer To Jesus:

Being a disciple gives the opportunity to know Christ in the best possible manner, and the more you know him, the better you get a chance to get close to him. When you learn the words in scripture, all of the acts you do become aligned with his teachings in a way that you might not even have imagined. You will get a chance to know about his pure character and by doing so you will feel as if he is living inside your heart. This is one of the amazing experiences we as Christians could have.

Witness Him:

When you follow his teachings, it is as if you are spending time with him and get a chance to witness him. It is an experience that enables you to see him every day. It might not happen suddenly but as you are on the path of discipleship, you will notice many changes in your life and you would feel as if Christ himself is doing the things you do. You will also be able to see him in others, as we all are a reflection of his beauty.

Know About His Teachings:

When you spend a lot of time with someone, you get to know everything about him. You are even aware of his likes and dislikes, and become well aware of his personality. The same is what happens with you on the path of discipleship, as by indulging in this act you are actually spending a lot of time with Jesus. You become so aware of him that you start to do everything in your life like him and wish to spend a life like him by helping others. A discipleship course would help you more if you are willing to move in this direction.

Become Like Him:

When you learn about him daily, you get a chance to understand him deeply that you otherwise would not. The more you get to know him and his amazing personality and character, the more you follow him. The words in scripture are not only to be read but also to be understood by us and discipleship gives us an opportunity to understand his words. You can just learn about him by reading, but when you are committed to following him, you become even better at doing so.

Become Associated With His Mission:

As Christians, we believe we are on a mission on this planet, which is to spread the word of Christ. Discipleship offers us the opportunity to indulge in this like no other thing. When you are committed to learning about him every day, you receive his guidance in the best manner and get to experience the learning of all the teachings he has delivered in his life.

For reaching a destination you have to move towards it and for becoming more like him you have to follow the direction that lets you know more about him. This also helps you spread his words to others and ultimately helps you build a society that functions as per the amazing teachings of Christ. You become associated with his mission of spreading compassion and forgiveness.

Final Word:

Discipleship gives you the chance to know about Jesus and his teachings like no other activity. By learning about him, you become closer to him and feel as if he is there in your life. It also helps you learn about his teachings and become associated with spreading his message. To more easily achieve these benefits, you can also take a Gospel Preaching Online UK.

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