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The 3 Best Defensive Driving Tips To Keep You Safe

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Getting into a car accident can mean having to undergo some serious injuries. Even though cars are built to be much safer now than they ever have been, it is still a very dangerous thing to get into an accident. It’s crucial to make sure that you are doing your best to try to avoid getting into an accident. This includes an accident that wouldn’t have been your fault.

There are driving techniques that will help you stay much safer on the road since they will give you the skills to understand how accidents happen. It is called defensive driving and is one of the most important skills to have when you are driving a car. In this article, we will go over several of the techniques that you should incorporate into your daily driving routine.

1 – Avoid distracted driving

One of the worst things you can do while driving that will severely impact your ability to stay safe is to drive while distracted. For instance, texting while driving is extremely dangerous, yet, many people do it because they think they can multitask. This is why there are so many car accident lawyers on Topresearched.com who are so busy these days.

Texting while driving is becoming as serious a phenomenon as drunk driving since the effects are very similar. When you read and respond to a text, your eyes are taken off of the road for up to 8 seconds. Anything can happen during this time and you won’t even see it coming.

Texting and driving is not the only dangerous activity that people take part in while driving that lead to accidents. Even doing things like eating or talking on the phone can have disastrous consequences.

Make sure to save these activities until you are not behind the wheel. Get up earlier if you need time to take care of eating or other things that you are doing while driving to save time if you need to.

2 – Research your route

Knowing what to expect when you are driving is very important. It’s usually when you are surprised by something on the road such as traffic being suddenly backed up or construction happening on the road that you end up in an accident.

You should check out your route before you leave to see what the conditions are. Luckily, you can generally find out online if there is construction or some other problem on your route. Then when you understand what’s happening you can change your route to your destination.

3 – Check your mirrors

You should be checking your mirrors every few seconds when driving. This will help you stay aware of what is happening around your car. You are less likely to end up hitting somebody in your blind spot when changing lanes when you know the traffic flow around you.

Look at all of your mirrors every 2 to 3 seconds to see where cars are around you and make note of how fast they are going.


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