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Ten Reasons for the Malfunctioning of your Car AC

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Imagine a fantastic summer getaway plan with your friends, and suddenly, your car’s AC stops working. Although, it may be working just fine, not as per the standards of the outside temperature.

Suffering in the heat is surely not an alternative for you and your passengers. A heated engine may increase the temperature of other car components as well. Hence, proper air conditioning Nuneaton is essential, which requires a timely car service Nuneaton. Such scenarios should be dealt with in advance and never neglected. There might be many reasons behind the malfunctioning of your car’s AC.

1. Mildew or mould build-up

A variety of microorganisms may invade the car’s AC and lead to blockage of vents. This may block and affect the process of cooling. Ultimately, the vents may stop working and cause increased heating in the cabin of the car. The car should be serviced timely to prevent such a challenge. The clearing of the duct stops the particles, dust and microorganisms to increase at a fast pace. This ensures the hygiene of the car and increased durability for the AC.

2. Issues related to electrical parts

A short circuit may also lead to the sudden malfunctioning of your car’s AC. This has been a common reason for many ACs to stop cooling when the temperatures rise above 45 degrees. In case, you notice any burning smell or a short-circuit wire, you should analyze it, and seal it with a tape that is resistant to electricity. You may also visit a reliable expert to get your car’s AC examined and repaired.

3. Leakage in the AC refrigerant

This mounts up to another reason for a non-cooling AC. You may even encounter a potential accident, given there is leakage from the joining ends. The hose might get oily due to the leakage, thereby damaging the refrigerant.

4. Blockage in the condenser

The function of the condenser is to convert the hot air from the outside into cool air dispersed inside the cabin. It is placed in the front of the car’s grille, hence making it easy to diagnose the problem. There could be blockage due to dust and debris resulting in the rising temperature in your car. The air with a high temperature could damage the car’s condenser.

5. Faulty compressor

The compressor helps in making the AC run correctly. Therefore any issues with the compressor may lead to improper circulation of the refrigerant. If you have started your AC after months, you may face this issue.

6. A blown-up fuse

This is another reason which indicates towards an immediate replacement of the fuse. It could hinder the functioning of the compressor and could spread hot air all over the car, internally. It could furthermore affect the car’s circuit board as well.

7. Faulty AC Blower

You may diagnose the issue yourself by placing your palms in front of the vents and let the air flow through your hands. Feel the speed and analyse if the blower is spinning at the desired speed.

8. Damaged compressor belt

The compressor consumes a significant amount of energy and power to work properly. It could get damaged by constantly being used. The AC would never work properly in case the compressor is damaged.

9. Clogged air filter

The filter should be checked and changed, once in while placed in the holder of the dashboard. This is an activity that could be done by you.

10. Overheating of the engine

The radiator fan may get affected due to an overheated engine. This may lead the condenser to function improperly, and the refrigerant may blow hot air into the cabin.

Therefore, make sure to get timely ac maintenance and car service maintenance as mentioned in your user manual.

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