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Ten reasons baos are the best sandwich ever!

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Bao buns, also known as baozi, are steamed buns, they are pronounced as “bow”.

Flour, yeast, sugar, baking powder, milk and oil are mixed together to make this deliciously warm and fluffy treat. Although the size of the buns varies, the white, sweet dough is typically stuffed with a filling of vegetables or meat. Baos are hugely popular in China, but they have seen their global popularity surge in recent years. There are obviously solid reasons why it’s so popular, we will discuss the top ten reasons why the bao is the best sandwich ever.

1.      The texture

The texture of the bao is light and fluffy, the dough is steamed and that’s the reason the texture feels and tastes so different when compared with other bread.

2.      Great for breakfast

Baos make really good on the go breakfast sandwiches. They are bite sized, have enough carbs and proteins to keep you going and maintain your energy levels as you begin your day.

3.      Baos are healthy

Baos are steamed instead of fried or baked. They are also flexible in the sense that you can pick and choose your own filling which means a light vegetarian based bao can be enjoyed as part of a healthy balanced diet.

4.      Great snack for kids and adults

The fluffy buns are made with healthy ingredients, there are no preservatives or colorings in it which means that they would make a very convenient snack for kids. You can enjoy it with your children and have as many as you like!

5.      The baos have an interesting history

The Chinese legend states that the baos came into existence in a very dicey situation. An army general called Zhuge Liang had to lead his army across a river. But he was asked to sever the heads of his men in order to cross. So Liang made large buns in place of heads and floated them across.

6.      Baos are versatile

The fluffy buns can be filled with any filling of your choice. It can be beef, pork, vegetable, mushrooms and even fish. The baos can be stuffed with anything of your choice and somehow still taste great.

7.      Suitable for vegetarians

Baos are good for vegetarians, they can be filled with any filling that is suitable for all vegetarians

8.      The baos are influential

Aside from being versatile, baos are influential too! So much that Malaysia made their own version of baos called “the pau”

9.      You can have baos all day

The baos are not just limited to breakfast but you can have it for lunch and dinner too.

10.  It is sweet and savoury both

It can be stuffed with pickled vegetables, glazed mushroom and chocolate too!

Has all the talk of delicious, steamed baos made you hungry for some? You are in luck, MamaLan London has a selection of baos available to order via Deliveroo. You can dine in as well in their restaurants in Brixton Village and Clapham Common or grab a takeaway from their restaurant in Canary Wharf


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