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Teeth Whitening – Know the Best Way to Make Your Teeth Shine

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A bright smile complements whitening teeth. But it has more connotations attached to our well-being and personality. Because of some reasons, the natural enamel of the teeth is compromised resulting in staining. Stained teeth are an alarming sign of early-stage oral disease so you can’t overlook it. You should know the effective procedure to whiten your teeth. Teeth whitening is a technique that matters if you look for brighter and whiter shades.

When you look for teeth whitening near me, find various available methods for teeth whitening such as laserbrite whitening—you should look for the best registered dental hygienists performing the treatment. At Everbrite(teeth whitening salon)our teeth whitening dentist restores your dental health using advanced procedures.

Why Teeth Whitening Matters?

Sometimes because of our poor eating habits teeth get stained yellow, brown, or even black which calls for a teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening is an advanced dental procedure for removing stains from your teeth and restoring the original teeth’ natural color. You can opt for teeth whitening in two ways- 1) the first one is removing the stains from the outer layer of the tooth and the outer enamel 2) the second by preventing the accumulation of new stains. Yet, many skip visits to the consultation until results in irreversible damage to oral health.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

The stain removal technique is one procedure that helps with tooth whitening. On the outer layer of the tooth, it uses both chemical and physical reactions in the form of abrasions and chemical stain disruption. It diminishes the stain action on the outer layer of the enamel that results in outer teeth. The state-of-the-art LED light technology restores teeth whiteness in minutes with minimal sensitivity. However, removing stubborn stains requires a bleaching process.

Laser Whitening and Everbrite Teeth Whitening Techniques

The Laser Whitening comprises a whitening gel with an enhancer that absorbs the wavelength of the specific laser to improve the bleaching process. Its application is performed in quadrants to reduce tooth heating.

Everbrite Teeth Whitening provides you with a painless teeth whitening technique using LED lights that expedite the teeth whitening process.  If thinking about laser techniques gives you nightmares then this is less intense and minimizes damage to the gums. In addition, this is a quick and pain-free procedure that takes only a few of your minutes.

Bleaching– In this chemical process color is removed by oxidation of stain molecules. The whitening application requires a concentration of hydron peroxide, a bleaching agent that expedites the process of teeth whitening.

What causes Teeth Staining?

Teeth staining may occur because of several reasons. To wear a beautiful smile, avoid chewing stain-causing food and aerated drinks. However, these specific causes lead to staining teeth.

  • Poor dental Hygiene
  • Smoking & Chewing Tobacco Cessation
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Certain Illness

Pro Tip: With an impeccable dental care routine, you should clean the yellow teeth and counteract all the causes. The right choice of dental products and selection of toothbrushes help.

Teeth Whitening Treatments

If the teeth whitening techniques fail to control the damage, visit the dentist for a professional teeth whitening procedure. It uses a whitening agent to restore teeth whiteness using modern-age equipment that removes the film on the enamel layer. At our teeth whitening Salon go for a home whitening treatment in which the impression of your teeth is taken and make a custom mouthpiece to keep the whitening agent intact. Our professional teeth whitening only costs $ 269 worth more than it.

“Prevention is Better Than Cure”. But remember, teeth whitening is only a treatment and procedure.  It is a one-time dental process. So please be specific to the solid oral care routine and visit dentists regularly. The advanced dental products help in removing all the plaque and mouth bacteria.


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