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Techwear Branded Apparel Offers Great Protection and Style

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If you’re a fashion lover then you’ve most likely heard of the latest techwear craze. Made up with a fine touch of futuristic flair that captures the contemporary world of practicality; the techwear fashion has gained quite a large following over recent years. Now, people everywhere wear these stylish garments to keep up with the times. This article will discuss the most popular types of techwear out there today. If it interests you, then I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll love!

The minimalist aesthetic

Is one of the most popular techwear aesthetics around. Simplicity has always been a mainstay in the world of fashion; you don’t need to go into a rave club to be seen wearing bright, sparkling, gaudy clothes. With the recent trend for futuristic attire, it’s only natural that the aesthetic is taking on a new chapter. Aesthetics are becoming more important than ever to consumers and with this being said, it only makes sense to seek out fabrics that are as minimal in their form as possible.

Some of the most popular fabrics in techwear right now are Gore-Tex and Holographic fabrics. Gore-Tex is a common sight on backpacks, packs, and tents because it is used in a lot of waterproofing products. It is also used in other industries including electronics manufacturing because it is highly resistant to moisture, heat, and chemicals. Some types of Gore-Tex include Texpen, Transparenze, and Epic Dust. In terms of Holographic technology, brands like Arc Terix, Hypertech, and Purebriant have taken this technology and transformed it into an extremely sleek and fashionable aesthetic.

Another popular type of techwear

Is that of the full face veil. While there are traditional fringes and shawls that are part of the futuristic fashion trend, there are many modern versions that go beyond the typical fringe. For example, some brands such as Hypertech use a high-quality reflective material that spans across the top half of their face and the bottom half of their hair. This allows their unique veil design to stand out from the crowd while still providing their wearer with practicality.

The third aspect of the techwear design

That has become popular in recent years is that of the utility pockets. In the past, pockets have been seen as a mere decoration to clothing. However, with the recent trends incorporating pockets that function as functional additions, pockets have become the ultimate fashion trend. Tech garments like tech pants, shorts, and jackets feature pockets located in strategic areas to provide ease of access and storage.

Other techwear brands

That feature pockets include the North Face, Black Wolf, and others. North Face is one of the most popular names in techwear, offering up a line of jackets and pants that are perfect for both work and play. Their jackets are both lightweight and packed with pockets and feature metal zipper pulls for optimal security and comfort. Black Wolf is another popular brand that emphasizes utility over style when it comes to its clothing and pants. Many of its pants and jackets feature reinforced elbows and collars to ensure they remain comfortable even during active situations.

Breathability is another aspect of today’s techwear that is highly appreciated by many consumers. Most people prefer products that allow their skin to breathe and technology is offering solutions in this area as well. Tech garments such as the tech shirt offer great breathability due to their thin fabrics. Other tech fabrics such as the fleece and thermal materials are also highly breathable to allow air circulation around the wearer. In addition to great breathability, these fabrics are also highly effective at blocking heat and sweating.

Techwear brands have come a long way in their aesthetic appeal and functionality

In the past techwear brands were strictly utilitarian and often made with industrial strength fabrics that did little to enhance a consumer’s appearance. Today’s brands put more emphasis on fashion than function and are making designer pants and jackets that are appealing, durable, stylish, and functional. Additionally, tech apparel has come a long way in terms of comfort. Not only are these garments comfortable but they are effective at preventing blisters and providing ample comfort and support where it is needed most.


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