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Tech in the fridge with Saturday chickens can save the retail industry

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Tech in the fridge with Saturday chickens: Intelligent sensors and IoT can help retailers to, for example, better inventory management. Photo: Danish Technological Institute

People shop less in the physical stores and more online. But Big Data and the Internet of Things can give new life to retail. This is the opinion of the Danish Technological Institute, which is starting a new IoT Center with a test shop full of tech. Startup companies are welcome to exhibit in the store.

Tech in the fridge with Saturday chickens: People hustling around with shopping carts, children crying, and store shelves rummaging. A walk in the supermarket right in the wolf hour does not exactly encourage you to come up with good dishes for dinner.

But the trip to the supermarket right after work can get a lot better with a little tech. The Danish Technological Institute will prove this with the Center for Internet of Things, IoT Center. In the center, the physical retail stores must learn from the online retailer’s knowledge of the customers, because people drop the physical stores in favor of the online ones.

“It should be as easy to shop in your local supermarket as online. You must be able to go down to your supermarket and very easily buy exactly what you want, at the same time as you are presented with relevant content, because there is a coordination from online to physical store, ”says section manager at the Danish Technological Institute, Jan Overgaard.

New smart Inventory with RFID technologies and new IT solutions, can significantly reduce companies’ inventory and automatically order new goods. At the same time, the brands can provide customers with information about the item. /Institute of Technology

Tech in the fridge with Saturday chickens: A store full of tech

The Danish Technological Institute has been set up in the world to strengthen Danish companies via information about tech. The establishment of the IoT Center takes its origin in Industry 4.0, which is about utilizing data from the market, creating new services, and being able to network with customers. And it is necessary because customers are starting to make demands.

“They are starting to expect to be presented with relevant knowledge when they shop. This expectation also places new demands on companies, which with data collection and analysis must be able to predict which products and services are to be offered to which customers, or which optimizations in the business are to be taken on the basis of data analysis, ”says section manager Jan Overgaard.

But it is difficult for the retail trade to get an overall overview of the best technological opportunities, according to the Danish Technological Institute. Therefore, they create a physical test store that aims to help physical retail stores and chains to get an overview of the technical possibilities and give them concrete advice in the right solutions.

Startup companies are welcome in the store

Tech in the fridge with Saturday chickens: In the physical test shop, the center gathers and demonstrates technologies such as RFID tagging of goods, Bluetooth, intelligent cameras, beacons, and acoustic sound sensors. For example, companies can learn how intelligent cameras can analyze their customers and thus optimize their service.

If you are a startup company with smart technology, you are also welcome to contact the center. The Danish Technological Institute will simply make sure that only state-of-the-art tech is presented and make sure that the latest trends are represented.

“We would very much like to be in dialogue with start-up companies about what they can deliver and how they can deliver it; we would very much like to see their solutions demonstrated and know how the data is collected and can be integrated into other systems, ”says Jan Overgaard.

The work with the IoT demo center is being considered together with the project Big Data Business Academy for the Industrial Foundation and the Innovation Center for eBusiness for the Danish Agency for Research and Education.


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