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A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Start Teaching English Online

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Several people are drawn to learning English these days for a variety of reasons, including applying for international studies, teaching English as a profession, and so on. However, one of the most popular reasons is that teaching English has various advantages.

Right from having fun to freedom to work anywhere and according to your schedule, it has everything to offer. While many software and technologies have emerged to learn English online, professional assistance is vital to becoming a pro. 

Looking to enhance your online English teaching skills? 

You may have found many job openings for online English teaching. You may also have come across the need for qualifications, the wage provided, the application process, working hours, and other factors.

Now, you might be thinking about how to begin to become a Private English language tutor. Don’t worry; we’ll walk you through the entire process and allow you to move more quickly in this rapidly changing field than ever before.

Steps to Begin Online English Teaching

Explore the Online Teaching Entails

Begin with discovering the qualification and certifications mandatory for applying for an Online English tutor job. These requirements differ from one institution to the next, but some are fundamental. It involves:

  • Degree: Most teaching jobs ask for a degree in the relevant subject but there exist some online institutes as well that don’t rely upon degree. So, you need to look at whether the online job you’re applying for requires such qualification or not. 
  • Certification: Having certification in the subject you’re applying for is a must credential every employing company looks for. 
  • Educational Experience: Many employers prefer teachers with specific years of experience. However, sometimes experience in counseling, teaching, coaching, and any other field is acceptable. 

Gather Workplace Options 

After you’ve met the teaching criteria, you’ll need to decide which institute or platforms you’d like to teach English online at.

  • If you want to collaborate with an organization, begin with picking the age group you can teach. Every platform varies in serving different age groups like from young learners, to kids or adults. Other criteria to consider include how many classes you could attend at once, what timing is convenient, and teaching schedules.
  • You can also grow as a freelance online English tutor. However, in addition to certification, establishing a clientele would necessitate certain entrepreneurial skills.

Furthermore, develop an online profile with all of your pertinent details to reach out to as many employers as possible.

Check Online Teaching Setup

The great thing about becoming an online English tutor is no investment required. 

What all elements you need are:

  1. A computer system or laptop with a functional webcam
  2. Earphones or Headset
  3. Hassle-free internet

Although some employers require you to have all of these items, many employers offer these necessities to their employees. In addition, certain organizations require you to download specific applications to your devices to begin teaching. 

Hence, ensure timely if the apps or software is compatible with your device. 

Get the Right Props

There is a major difference between teaching children and teenagers. You’ll need elements like a whiteboard, interactive classrooms, and the right teaching context to educate children. If you have kids at home, you can borrow their plush toys for your online classes. 

Another way you can opt is to stay neat and minimalist. No matter if you don’t have props or elements, if the background is hassle-free, you’d be considered worth employing. Once you’ve been appointed, you can enhance the space for the online classes accordingly. 

Apply for Employment

It’s good to continue applying for jobs now that you’ve narrowed down your choices, qualifications and employment type. 

Create an updated CV with relevant certification and work experience. Although several employers allow you to apply online without submitting a resume, you will always need a CV in exceptional circumstances.

These days, video introductions have become a part of every application process. Video introductions are now a standard part of every application procedure. This includes highlighting your expertise and personality. 

Other crucial details comprise:

  • Teaching certification
  • Experience
  • Motivation
  • Educational Background

However, stay clear and precise about information and utilize good lighting. The organization can contact you for an interview or a demo session. Some employers also provide training sessions before assigning online teaching classes. 

Wrapping Up

There’s no right time to begin learning English or making English teaching your profession. If you want to work as a freelance tutor or are looking for a full-time English teaching position, you must follow these steps to get the job you want. 

Additional things to remember for improvised teaching:

  • Utilize various elements and props
  • Boost encouragement
  • Perform group activities
  • Categorize classes 

You can also hire professional CV writers to help you adapt your CV to your personality. Hope you find this write up beneficial in getting assisted on how to begin the Online English teaching profession. For more information, you can interact in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!!


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