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Taxes 101: Do I Need Tax Return Folders for My Business?

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As a small business owner, running a fledgling accounting firm, you have a lot on your plate. You’re in charge of the vision, the business plan, the execution of the plan, and everything in between. it’s your job to make sure everyone stays motivated and excited about their jobs and that the company is growing. It’s also your job to make sure that all the financials are on the up-and-up and that every client is impressed with your work. Actually, in a way, everything that happens is in your purview—from toner for the printers to laptop computers for your interns and following up with all the invoices that go out—it’s a lot.

With all of that going on, you probably don’t think about folders too often, but you should, and not just organizing the file folders on the desktops of your laptop computers. It’s also important to think about professional presentation when it comes to physical, three-dimensional folders. Giving off an air of professionalism should be important to you in every realm—from tax folders to business cards. It’s the attention to these little details that set the big fish apart from the little fish in the ever-growing pond. So let’s take a second and talk about tax season.

Why do I need tax folders anyway?

In the simplest sense, tax folders are the folders that your tax preparers will use to send tax returns to your clients for approval and signature before filing with the IRS during tax season. Tax return folders may seem unnecessary—wouldn’t a manila envelope do the trick?). However, the opposite is true. Think about it—if you have a high-end client, they’ll want high-end tax-preparers looking at their various documents and preparing their tax returns.

What says class more—a manila envelope, or presentation folders embossed with your company logo? I think we both know the answer. Sure, you can pick up a pack of basic envelopes at Staples, but the personal touch you’ll get with customized presentation folders will go a long way in ensuring clients become return clients.

Do you need to care about envelopes too?

In a word, yes. Everything you send to a client should speak volumes about your identity as a firm. Envelopes with a clear plastic window and your company logo on the front, printed on high-quality paper, will give a message to your clients. That message is simple: “This is a firm that we can trust.” From annual deliverable materials such as tax returns to periodic mailings like invoices, the way you present your firm matters.

You never know when your big chance will present itself.

The is true of any industry, which is why it’s important to treat any client. As your most important client and any chance as your big chance. Don’t let complacency foil your plans—hand out business cards. Like candy and take time to add a personal touch to various client orders. They’ll appreciate it and may even recommend you to friends. Who knows where your fortune lies? Be open to opportunities and present yourself in the best way possible no matter how small the client. Even Google started as a tiny startup in a garage, remember?

Whether you’re delivering tax returns to the IRS for small companies or huge enterprises, your level of professionalism shouldn’t waver. The final results of your work deserve to shine in the most impressive of presentation folders. Presentation matters and that comes to paper goods as well. Just like you wouldn’t wear sweatpants and a t-shirt to the office. Your tax returns deserve to feel dressed up as well. With the right presentation folders, you can do just that.


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