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Is Ann Arbor worth it to live as an international student

Ann Arbor is an American city located in Michigan. The city is full of beautiful sceneries and its Huron River adds more beauty to its naturally lush topography. And thus, it has earned its nickname "tree city". Ann Arbor...

Technology Tips That Will Benefit Your Students Education

The image source is Pexels. The great thing about technology is that it has an amazing way of helping out in your students’ education. It is now an apparent fact that technology is universally known to help students learn faster...

Rachel Greenman Harow: Ways of Improving Students Experience

This is when the student's prior experience comes into play as per Rachel Greenman Harow

How to Prepare to Study Abroad in 2021

After a long shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is beginning to open up again to study abroad students. Once you have been accepted into your program of choice, it is time to begin preparing for this...

Online Jobs for Students that You Can Turn into a Career or a Business from Home

Online jobs for students can be productive, well paying, and can also set them a successful career path if they choose their field correctly and get their mindset to approach that field in the future. We live in a...
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EzClasswork: Discover Mini HTML5 Games

Mini games have captured the hearts of casual gamers for decades. Contrary to their name, these small packages of...
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