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Monday, March 4, 2024

Commercial Window Shield

Hundreds of Birds Die in NYC After Crashing Into Glass Buildings, Upping Need for Window Film

When members of the NYC Audubon Society arrived at the new World Trade Center complex the morning of Sept. 14, they were stunned by the site of hundreds of dead birds littering the ground around the buildings. It was...

Decorative Window Film Installationin Demand for Renovative Office Spaces

America’s offices are going through a transformation. As more people work from home, corporate leaders, building owners and property mangers are coming up with ways to redefine office space for employees who come to work every day or work...

General Contractors Turn to Professional Window Film Installers for Their Projects

When general contractors bid on full building renovation projects, it has become increasingly common for them to include a window film installation company. There are several reasons for GCs including experienced window film installers companies on their project team....
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Unlocking the Secrets of Brooklyn Pride Spiderman 2

Spiderman, a notorious superhuman adored by a more significant number of people, has been the focal point of various...
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