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Tactics For Growing Your Business Using Custom Pie Boxes

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There are more than 20,000 types of bakery items available on the market that are perfect for all types of events and occasions. To ensure everyone around the world feels included in celebrating their joys, they provide the most convenient snack items and the most engaging food items. Pie is a freshly baked dish made from pastry dough casing. In addition to a pie crust, pie fillings can be sweet or savory. A product that can be suitable according to your taste buds needs extra care in handling. This means that it requires custom pie boxes to fulfill the requirement.

The best raw material for Custom Pie Boxes

Custom pie boxes help your product to preserve the freshness of the pie. The only way to make pie taste good is to preserve it well. Therefore, the packaging company uses cardboard and kraft paper material to manufacture pie boxes. Most custom pie boxes are custom-made of kraft paper because they don’t have to get bleach while manufacturing. This means the kraft-paper-made pie boxes do not contain any chemical substance that can harm the nature of the product. They are tailor-made in such a manner that they can handle the weight of the bakery items so that the customer can carry them with no problem. With custom pie boxes, your favorite products are easy to order and bring home.

In What Ways Custom Pie Boxes Wholesale Deals Are Beneficial?

A wholesaler is a person who produces the product in bulk quantities and sells at a very lower rate. Custom pie boxes wholesale means that you can have your pie boxes bulk at a very cheap rate. So, if you are an individual retailer who only deals in bakery items like pie, then custom pie boxes wholesale would be beneficial for you.

As a business owner, no one compromises on the fact of pricing. Therefore, you have to look at what is beneficial for you and what will help you to stay within budget. As mentioned before, when you buy anything in bulk quantities will give you the best affordability rates. Therefore, buying pie boxes bulk will give you a shockingly low price.

And not only this, but you can also use their services for free such as graphic designing. All you have to do is to select the design that your packaging company will show you. And after that, they will emboss it to your packaging without charging you a penny. And you can also avail yourself of the opportunity of free shipping via custom pie boxes wholesale.

Pie as a symbol to celebrate festivals:

Pies have become a traditional dish. Many bakeries make them according to the theme of festivals. For instance, the 4th of July is independence day. On that day, many bakeries bake their pie according to the festive theme to gain the customer’s attention. Therefore, pies with custom themes will need custom pie boxes that display the theme as well.

For the pie slice, mini pie boxes:

Mini pie boxes are mostly being used to contain the pie slices. The mini pie boxes should have the same size that your pie slice desire otherwise it will ruin the shape and texture of your pie slice. You can’t put your pie slice in ordinary pie boxes. Therefore, for the slice of pie, it is a must to have mini pie boxes.

Taste-preserving, packaging material:

As it was mentioned earlier, the packaging material that packaging companies use in the making of custom pie boxes wholesale and mini pie boxes is kraft paper. And these boxes do not need to get bleach they are perfect for preserving your pies and other bakery items as well. As they don’t provide any harm. The kraft-paper-made boxes help to preserve the quality of your bakery item. Which makes them perfect for taste-preserving packaging material.

Advertising and marketing through pie boxes and mini pie boxes:

Packaging has become essential for every product. Packaging is a major factor in influencing people’s purchasing decisions. Therefore, you need to have a unique and elegant design for your packaging in order to get the attention of the buyer.

When customizing your pie boxes, you are not just giving them a design you are giving it a purpose to market your products as well. The more unique you will be the more your customer will be attracted to your product. The packaging of your brand will advertise and market itself with uniqueness.


When you are through custom shipping boxes your pie boxes, you can ask your packaging company to put your brand’s trademarks. Having your company name and logo will make your buyers loyal to your company since they will remember you as the one who provided them with an exceptional experience. And not only this, it will make your brand’s integrity stronger than ever. Which is a win-win for you.

Shares the property of Eco-friendly:

When you are in the business of bakery items, you need to have packaging material that is friendly to the product and as well to the mother earth. Therefore, you need to make sure that the packaging material you use is eco-friendly. And mini pie boxes are kraft paper-made which has the ability to get recycle rapidly. This makes them perfect for having eco-friendly packaging as they provide protection to the product and mother earth as well.


The custom pie boxes are cost-effective. The pie boxes wholesale offers so many benefits and gives the ability of affordable as well. The services that wholesale provide when your order pie boxes bulk is extreme. You can have graphic designing without any cost. And they also provide free shipping. This means you can save a whole lot of buck when it comes to customizing the pie boxes. Hence, these pies boxes bulk is the best when it comes to affordability. And the packaging material that the packaging company use is not so expensive but provides the utmost strength which makes these boxes a cost-effective packaging for pies.


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